Into the countryside to see well-off: spring to baiyang River

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Farmer Li Xiaoping (R) picks oyster mushrooms in baiyanghe village, east China’s Shandong Province, March 28, 2019.(reporter Chen Yan intern reporter Zhang Xuhui photo) Urumqi Evening News all media (reporter Song Jianhua) ginseng fruit hanging branches, flowers open full greenhouse, succulent plants just grow, celery, tomatoes immediately listed…At the end of March, vegetation in the capital began to sprout, but in Baiyanghe Village of Baiyanghe Kazak Ethnic Township in Midong District, a spring scene of rural revitalization is already unfolding.Taking advantage of the rural revitalization strategy and the unique inversion climate, Midong District has built a demonstration area of agricultural cultivation featuring southern fruits, edible fungi, flowers and succulents in Baiyanghe Village.Last year, the demonstration area completed the reconstruction of the infrastructure of special planting and picking leisure and sightseeing bases, and the number of special agricultural greenhouses increased to 286, paving a road for the development of special agriculture that integrates agriculture and tourism.Greenhouses flowers open March 28, reporters walked into the demonstration area looking for baiyang Village of spring.After the rain, in the demonstration area, there are neat rows of greenhouses in the middle of the paved road, many of which have built sightseeing trails inside and outside.”Let’s go and look at my garden shed. The flowers are blooming.”Farmer Zhang Tianhong is happy.Into the shed, the smell of flowers, pink, yellow gerbera chrysanthemum, green, purple platycodon, white calla lily, yellow sunflower, bees flying in the flowers.In recent years, the capital has continued to optimize its agricultural industrial structure, encouraging farmers to plant flowers and other cash crops to help build a beautiful countryside and increase farmers’ income.In 2019, Zhang tianhong contracted to grow flowers in greenhouses. With the help of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center in Midong District, new varieties are introduced every year, and this year the number has increased to four greenhouses, with annual revenue of more than 100,000 yuan.”It is the confidence of the Party and the government that we can persist in planting flowers here.”Zhang tianhong said he was reassured by the completion of infrastructure renovations at the demonstration zone last year.Last year, The district applied for funds from the regional Beautiful Village Greenhouses Renovation Project to renovate 88 greenhouses, build tourist paths, build public toilets and harden roads in the demonstration area.”The car into the village wheels do not stain mud, tourists into the shed feet do not stain mud, tourists come in convenient, flowers are also convenient to transport out.”This year, Mr. Zhang said, he plans to plant another greenhouse of platycodon grandifloris and sunflowers.Not far from the shed is farmer Wang Pengxi’s succulent greenhouse, which is full of succulents with thick, juicy, colorful leaves.In recent years, under the guidance of the village “two committees” and the village work team of the propaganda department of the Mi Dong District Committee, the demonstration area pays attention to introducing new varieties to the market and promoting farmers’ income.Last year, a gardening company approached Wang and rented one of his greenhouses to grow more than 20 varieties of succulents, most of them sold online.Tuo Xiaoyong, vice leader of the task force, said they will focus on the market and help build online and offline platforms to increase farmers’ income while continuing to attract farmers.There are Chongqing passion fruit, Shanghai little tomato, Guangdong dragon fruit…Here, you can see flowers, green, fruit and blue sky.”In the past two days, Liu Yu, director of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center in The Midong District, publicized the demonstration zone through his wechat moments.Since 2016, under the guidance and help of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, Baiyanghe Village has built the Mi Dong District characteristic planting science and technology experimental base, successfully introduced dragon fruit, ginseng fruit, passion fruit and other southern fruits, and built the “south fruit and north fruit” base.Inside the base, Zhang Yunhua, a “southern fruit and northern seed” farmer, is busy in a greenhouse full of golden ginseng fruits.”Demonstration area built, I want to seize the opportunity to adjust the base of 4 fruit greenhouses, the replacement of ginseng fruit, dragon fruit varieties, new picking small tomato planting, attract more tourists.”Zhang yunhua said that the Party and the government have paved a road to prosperity for everyone, and everyone should work harder.In the edible fungus growing base of the demonstration zone, farmers are busy making fungus bags in preparation for spring mushroom planting.As the capital of the supply of edible fungi, the East district of Mi through the introduction of new varieties, new technology, built a number of edible fungi planting base, among which there are 37 mushroom greenhouses in the demonstration area.In farmer Li Xiaoping’s mushroom greenhouse, thick and tender oyster mushrooms are hung on fungus bags.”We kind of mushroom group, the area is large, the yield is high, the market is not worried.”Li xiaoping is confident.In the demonstration zone, besides the tourists picking, there are also vegetable vendors signing orders for celery and tomatoes.The unique climate makes the vegetables in the demonstration area appear on the market about half a month earlier than other real estate vegetables. The farmers play a good time difference and plant seedlings in advance to appear on the market at the wrong peak to help increase income.In farmer Li Jianyi’s celery shed, the pale green celery is chopstick high.With the help of agricultural technicians, the traditional crops such as celery and tomato in the demonstration area are listed in accordance with the principle of wrong peak, listed in a batch at the end of April every year, listed in a batch in December, just can miss a large number of real estate vegetables listed season.Liu Qiang, a vegetable wholesaler, said celery and tomatoes around the capital were sold early and of good quality in Baiyanghe village, and he would buy a batch of them by order every year.”My wife and I can earn more than 30,000 yuan a year from this single dish.”Li jianyi said with a smile, this year infrastructure is good, more people come, vegetable picking more hot.BaiYangHe Hao Jianyi, director of the village committee, said this year, after the completion of the demonstration zone, the village “two committees” and the task force will focus on leisure sightseeing agriculture introduced more varieties, at the same time the introduction of agricultural processing enterprises, guide the development of tourism of villagers and the home stay facility, etc., to build brand agriculture brigade fusion, let the villagers eat “ecological food” “tourism rice”.Walking out of the greenhouses of the demonstration area, the sun is shining. The Bogda Peak in the distance, accompanied by the busy figures of farmers in the greenhouses and tourists on the footpath, is a vibrant scene of rural revitalization.