Spring Flower Appreciation Guide in Xinjin, Sichuan province

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Swallows whisper, scenery at first changchun day garden, flowers such as embroidered begonia rain rouge through spring tour, apricot flowers blow head breeze gently, spring is full of every corner is gradually showing the breath of spring so how can spring live up to?Bring friends and family to meet the beautiful scenery of spring.Located in Xinjin District, the southern suburb of Chengdu, Sichuan province, the Flower Dance World covers an area of more than 3000 mu.Experience low-carbon leisure vacation national 4A level tourism scenic spot with tulip festival, Azalea festival, Lu Ice flower Festival and other theme flower festivals make the scenic spot with 365 continuous blooming is known as “the first choice for flower appreciation in southwest China”!As soon as you walk into the flower dance, it seems to walk into the sea of tulips. All kinds of tulips with gorgeous colors compete to throw fragrance. In addition to seeing millions of tulips, you can also see the magnificent situation of flowers such as acacia, chrysanthemum, and Icelandic poppies.Lihuaxi cultural tourism area lihuaxi scenic area is located in Chengdu “South Expansion” development area planning area of 54 square kilometers of Pear clear, there is a word cloud “spring tour magnificent, is the year after year, cold food pear season baijin no grain fragrance brilliant, Yushu qiongpu snow.”In March, pear flowers bloom in full stream. The spring outing of Xinjin people started from a pear tree!Lotus pond Xinjin Fangxing Town around relying on the original lotus root resources built 2200 mu of lotus pond landscape, including white lotus root, lotus ornamental lotus, such as a boundless lotus pond at a glance to see the sea of green leaves are comfortable, relaxed and are in deep water,Lotus bloom is sweet Every summer bloom on time WuPengChuan, the hanfu to see the most beautiful girl in sichuan Xinjian besides flowers have a lot to clock in scenic spots Egret bay national wetland park Walking in the park the winding trail time seems to slow down The windmill grass, reeds and, pampas grass, flowers and green plants With multicolored colour and great vitalityThe scenic spot is rich in tourism resources and has a good ecological environment. It is a natural “urban sponge” and “kidney of the city”. Spotted bamboo forest is a national 4A level scenic spot with a total area of about 1500 muThe 4500-year-old Baotun ancient City is the source of ancient Shu civilization and the light of Yangtze River civilization. Wujin Corridor Bridge across the five arches and five Bridges of the South River is the window of the latest history and culture of Xinjin. It is also the most famous landmark building of Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park in ChinaA building is a work A scenario is a story Rice of wave surge, tian pavilion Tianfu agricultural blogger pavilion Is a world-class timberwork building culmination In xinjian besides can enjoy the beautiful flowers Can also be approached xinjian gourmet taste Staple article Boiled yellow spicy diced Xinjian boiled yellow spicy diced With hemp but not wood, spicy but not dryIs famous for its delicious Raw explodes the turtle Fresh turtle whole now kill smooth tooth of the skirt Hung with rich broth entrance Totally wake up your taste buds Tendrils beef meat like tendrils of filaments Dry fragrance chewy, colour and lustre is red Meat smells, slowly chewing fine taste, aftertaste endless Pomelo flower liu hook the fish Pomelo flower liu hook the fish From pomelo flower and the secret into the system Fresh fish,aromatic Snack article Jiang Shibing powder Chiang is solid powder xinjian snack industry legend The whole family out together to sell ice powder Summer in the middle of the night 12 o ‘clock and people waiting in line to buy ice powder Its delicious A rice dumplings Experience the wonderful spring dumplings not only dragon-boat festival to eat Zhang dumplings can eat all the year round It also accompany a generations of another generation of xinjianUp to now has opened more than 20 years Lee GuoKui beef Lee has opened more than 20 years The old wooden steamed steamed wagyu beef Aroma pubi, fresh XiangNen slippery Spicy three silk mix powder on the steamed beef Clip into the white pasta pot chief Every mouthful of sesame red oil of beads to take outside At the beginning of spring Everywhere is a scene for revival Ta-qing get together with familySource: Sichuan Culture Travel, Sichuan rural channel, Chengdu Xinjin, Xinjin Culture and Sports Travel, Xinjin Lihuaxi Cultural Tourism Area;● Enter the famous tourism village of Tianfu | Find butterflies, enjoy slow life quietly ● Comfortable Sichuan!447 online key activity contracting your “happy Spring Festival” low discount activity (1) | 21 city (state) preferential policies to the most comprehensive scenic spot!Low comfort warm prompt where you travel to meet the Spring Festival of 2022, the games are swimming, sichuan | explore intangible charm, met a warm pool!