The woman who contracts half your emojis is in the Spring Festival Gala

2022-05-30 0 By

Who hasn’t seen the “Cheers to Our Friendship” meme?This is a masterpiece of middle-aged and elderly emojis.But do you know who this elegant toasting lady is?She is the famous huang Mei Opera performing artist Han Zaifen, this year, she will be on the main stage Spring Festival Gala!On the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Han Zaifen brought extracts from Huangmei Opera “Tiannvsanhua”.This is not Han Zaifen’s first performance in the Spring Festival Gala. She is an old face of the gala.Han rose to fame in 1984 when she starred in huang Mei Opera’s TV series Zheng Xiaojiao and made her debut on the Spring Festival Gala in 1994.Han zaifen’s previous songs were mostly female bridegroom, and the opening line “To save Li Lang from his home, who was the top scholar in the imperial list” was very popular.Do you have a picture in your head?”Huizhou Woman”, “Yang Yuhuan” and “Peacock Flies southeast” are all her works.In addition, Han Zaifen is a national first-class actress, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project, and enjoys the “special government allowance” of The State Council.She also acted in TV shows.In 2007, she played the Queen Mother in the TV drama “Heaven and Earth”.”Cheers to Friendship” emoji heroine, “Tiannu Dispersed flower” and “female bridegroom” and “Queen Mother”……Do you recognize this as the same person?Source: CCTV network, China News network, Anhui Pictorial, Jiangsu Theatre Editor: An Zhi