Residents rushed to repair the water supply overnight

2022-05-30 0 By

Recently, many residents in the Community of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beixiaguan Street reported that the water supply of several buildings in the community was suddenly cut off in a large area, which brought great inconvenience to residents’ lives.What caused the water cut?When will it return to normal?Caas community staff immediately contacted the property management after learning of the situation, and the logistics service center and property management quickly engaged in the obstacle removal work.After preliminary examination, it is confirmed that the main line is not a problem.To this end, the staff coordinated the technical support of the water company, again carried out investigation on the hospital pipeline section by section, and finally confirmed that it was due to the aging of the water supply pipeline, and the heavy vehicle rolling site caused the pipe end burst pressure relief, resulting in a large area of the community building water shutdown.In order to minimize the inconvenience to residents and restore water supply as soon as possible, property maintenance personnel and water company staff worked through the night.At the scene of emergency repair, after digging the location of the explosion pipe, the staff jumped into the cold muddy water to carry out the repair, which lasted until 4 am. The emergency repair work was completed and the water supply finally returned to normal.The incident was solved perfectly, which made the community residents feel the care and thoughtfulness of the staff. They expressed their gratitude to the staff in wechat group.