PSBC Xiangtan Branch assists in the development of “specialized, special and new” enterprises

2022-05-30 0 By

Recently, The Xiangtan Branch of Postal Savings Bank successfully provided a non-repayment loan renewal business for a construction Technology Co., LTD., with an amount of 30 million yuan.The company is a provincial “specialized and special new” enterprise, in the building materials research and development and manufacturing sales industry in the market leading position.Since the beginning of this year, PSBC Xiangtan Branch has increased financial support, strengthened communication with municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau and other government departments, made good policy docking, and improved the accuracy of service;We will pay more visits to “specialized, special and new” enterprises, take the initiative to publicize relevant financial service policies, promote their implementation and effect, and contribute to the strengthening of the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.Up to now, PSBC Xiangtan Branch has served 3 state-level “specialized and innovative” enterprises and 10 provincial-level enterprises, with a balance of 58 million yuan, covering high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new-generation information technology and other industries.The picture shows that the head of the bank visits the enterprises within its jurisdiction.