The second day of the year “grab the first bud”, 0 o ‘clock, holding the castron ran there

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On the second day of the New Year, nanning rural hometown has a custom, think of funny, those buddies are going to “rob the first bud”.”Grab the head sprout” means that every household would kill a chicken at one o ‘clock on the second day of the Lunar New Year, and then quickly prepare the castron, that is, stew the chicken and take it to the earth temple to worship.If you can worship first, it means that this year, you can run ahead in everything and do everything smoothly.Now that it’s said, families are scrambling for time.Some people deliberately wait there with a chicken and a knife. When the bell rings, they begin immediately.Of course, it has also been boiled boiling water waiting, which can be described as a race against time, when the hour arrives, a series of action coherent completion, and then took the stewed chicken to the Earth temple worship.The old house was close to the Earth temple, but it was no longer occupied. The house had been empty for a long time, and it was not easy to live in it. The second brother lived six kilometers away from the earth Temple, but he also went to steal time.I feel suspense, even if the first time to prepare, but drive 6 kilometers to the earth temple, I’m afraid it should be the last one, they still go.Sure enough, when they came back, they asked them: Did they win the first place?They said: How can that be?However, all it takes is the thought.This operation is also puzzling, since it is not in front, why do it?Do you have the custom of “snatching buds”?