Gas problem in Building 35 dongshan Street, Tiedong District, Anshan city

2022-05-29 0 By

According to tie east district dongshan street 35 dweller introduction, as a result of gas pipeline transformation stop gas, but the dweller of the first floor does not agree new pipeline from his home enter a household, bring about dozens of dweller without gas usable, dweller seeks community reply to coordinate for many times, call l2345 for many times to reflect a situation also without result, want to know when can use gas.Anshan Municipal Party Committee and Government Inspection Office replied: A former pipeline in Dongshan Street is located in the basement. The third Project Department of Hengyu Engineering Company of Gas Group (Project Number: GZ00920210524, project name:Anshan 2021 old old village renovation project lixin, LieShiShan, seven village facilities renovation project) a (small high-rise residential buildings in dongshan street outside the completion of the pipeline and the courtyard line on November 4, 2021, contact, when introduces indoor, south both into the door on the first floor of the user don’t agree from the indoor introduction and installation of gas pipeline.By the seven community, gas group program, technology, design companies, three projects department many consultations on the ground floor both home users are rejected, at present, is still in negotiations, thank you for your group company put forward opinions and Suggestions, we will in future work, strengthen management, improve the quality of service, also hope you put forward valuable advice to us again, thank you for your support and concern for the group.