“Spring Festival Gala” breaks tradition to attract young people, rejuvenating the country into a new trend

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On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala hosted by the China Media Group will treat audiences across the country to a cultural feast.This is an evening party that “emollients” traditional culture through film and television technology. Musical skits, landscape tai chi, creative music, dance, poetry and painting, and original ecological scene performances are beautiful and amazing in both fantasy and reality.With the cutting-edge technology of XR and holographic scanning, the dance poem drama “Only This Green”, inspired by the famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” of the Northern Song Dynasty, made a stunning appearance, which gave a feast to the eyes of hundreds of millions of audiences. The dancers expressed the Oriental artistic concept incisively and vividly with dance language such as walking alone, waiting quietly and thinking.The same is true of creative music, dance, poetry and painting “Remembering South Of the Yangtze River”, based on Huang Gongwang’s “Living in Fuchun Mountain”, which should live and work in peace and happiness at present. The audience feels as if they are in a beautiful river and mountain, drinking and composing poems, and feeling the leisurely and complacent of fisherman, woodcutter and walker, which is intoxicatingly simple and elegant.This change in the previous Spring Festival gala viewing habits, the audience is not to be pleased, but in the quiet appreciation of a landscape painting.”It’s a pure visual aesthetic, and the audience doesn’t look at it, they look at the color.”You Jie, a professor at the School of Drama and Film at the Communication University of China, told the Paper (www.thepaper.cn).The 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Only This Green” and “Remembering South of the Yangtze River” have sparked heated debate online, with many netizens leaving comments.One netizen said, “WHEN I was a child, I always wanted to skip singing and dancing recitation, but now I only want to skip singing and dancing recitation.”According to the latest data released by CCTV, the average viewership of the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala reached 21.93 percent, with new media direct-on-demand users touching 4.932 billion times.Not only the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but also the provincial-level SATELLITE TV programs in Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Shandong continue to maintain the advantages of northern language programs and maintain certain ratings and attention.Located in the south, Zhejiang satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV and Dragon TV have maintained their influence by virtue of their star power and gained a foothold in the youth market.It is worth noting that Henan SATELLITE TV and Southeast SATELLITE TV have walked out of another way — to “break the circle” with Chinese tradition and regional culture.In the past two years, the Spring Festival Gala has become a stage for the spread of Traditional Chinese culture and regional culture.The definition of “Spring Festival Gala” has changed with henan TV’s “Tang Palace Banquet” in 2021, this year’s Spring Festival Gala’s “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”, and the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala’s “Only This Green” and “Remembering South of the Yangtze River”.”The audience’s love and attention to Traditional Chinese culture shows that in this era of cultural revival, Chinese people need to express their cultural confidence.”Cheng Wanli, deputy general manager of henan Broadcasting and TELEVISION’s all-media marketing planning Center and executive planning of China’s holiday series special programs, told the Paper.A still from the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”.Henan radio and television media marketing planning center for figure on February 12, 2021, henan TV gala dance “tang palace banquet was an instant hit, the program using the VR tang sancai, Gu Hu bone flute, the ZanHua had” cultural items such as as the background, to the tang dynasty “maids” figure deftly move back and forth among them, the moments that make traditional culture live up,Many netizens called it “too beautiful”.Henan TV pursuit of victories, in accordance with the statutory seven traditional Chinese festival launched ones with hot style show again “water goddess luo fu”, “longmen king kong”, the move to open provincial satellite TV to express the direction of the Chinese traditional culture modernization, the traditional culture with modern vision technology and the trend of The Times, the combination of innovation of new cultural form.This year’s henan TV Spring Festival Gala dance show “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”, featuring 11 outstanding Chinese dancers, portrays legendary figures such as Bai Juyi, Dee Renjie and Shangguan Waner of the Tang Dynasty. It is an audio-visual feast that brings audiences into the tang Dynasty and has won praise from netizens.”We are based on the central Plains culture, and use fashion, young people like the form of packaging.”Cheng said the beauty and core values of Chinese culture can be better reflected through the packaging of modern technology, as well as the reflection and spiritual transmission of Oriental aesthetics.With the excellent performance of Chinese festival series, Henan SATELLITE TV stands out among provincial TV stations and occupies a place.”The root cause is a series of reform measures of Henan Radio and TELEVISION station.”Cheng Wanli said.Since April 2019, Radio and TELEVISION stations in Henan province have promoted a number of reforms.”Taiwan entrusts us with the right to dare to employ people and capable people.”Mr. Cheng said the move offered young directors a lot of room for advancement.In October 2020, the All-media Marketing planning Center of Henan Radio and TELEVISION station was established, which gathers creative teams scattered in different departments.”After gathering art directors, documentary directors and performing arts directors, we set up several director studios. Studio principals compete for positions to form teams. All projects in the center adopt the scheme bidding system.”According to Cheng wanli, the new management model inspires the greatest creativity of talents, and Chen Lei, the director of Henan SATELLITE TV’s 2021 Spring Festival Gala Dinner in Tang Palace, is a young director who stands out in this context.”According to normal procedures and hiring logic, he is not qualified to direct the gala.”Since the gala is so important to every TV station, it is difficult for a young director to direct, and it is difficult for a veteran director to innovate, so who will direct the gala will easily fall into an awkward situation, Cheng said.After the establishment of henan Radio and TELEVISION Station All-media Marketing Planning Center, all director studios are operated in the market, and each studio has its own operating targets. Not only must they support themselves, but also must have their own works.”We provide young directors with a very relaxed creative environment.Such as providing camera, recording, live streaming, broadcasting, choreography, lighting, art and design, and acquiring a visual studio to create a closed-loop and team atmosphere.”Cheng Wanli said.Henan TV qixi festival wonderful tour “Dragon Gate” still photo.This is also the situation forced out of the creative.At the beginning of planning the 2021 Henan Spring Festival Gala, Taiwan leaders decided to build it according to the concept of market operation.”We took other income from the center to produce the party, which was completely marketized. We didn’t find a name promoter, no one paid attention to it, and we didn’t have any resources. The only resource was Henan.”Cheng wanli said that Henan, located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, is also one of the cradles of Chinese culture and civilization.”We want to take the root of Chinese culture as an opportunity, through the packaging of AR and other film and television technologies, finally formed a unique cultural form of the program to break the circle, so as to form today’s situation.”Cheng Wanli said.The popularity of Tang Palace Banquet has also become a marketing event, attracting many brands and commercial customers for Henan SATELLITE TV, who have come to discuss cooperation.”Our program is mainly spread widely on the Internet, so that people can think from the enjoyment of beauty, and spread the confidence and strength of Chinese culture. In terms of the trend, China’s national fashion is also reviving, especially national brands, national brands and big brands. We hope to cooperate with Henan Radio and Television across the industry.”Cheng Wanli said the move to Henan radio and television’s overall operation also brought up.In 2021, the successful “breaking circle” of Henan TV’s “Tang Palace Banquet” caused a huge catfish effect.This year, satellite TV stations across the country are bold to create their own characteristics of the Spring Festival Gala, with sichuan flavor of the “Sichuan and Chongqing Spring Festival Gala”, directly into the crosstalk special “Tianjin Spring Festival Gala”, and fujian Spring Festival Gala “joy is good” song familiar from both fujian and Taiwan.”This year we tried our best to solve the problem and finally decided to fully reflect the spirit and cultural characteristics of Fujian. Behind this is young people’s confidence in their own regional culture.”Hong Lei, director of fujian Radio, Film and Television Group’s SATELLITE TV center, told thepaper.cn that the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala takes “fu culture” as its core communication and value appeal to form young people’s sense of identity and pride in their hometown.”We realize the value of traditional culture and regional culture.”HongLei said.This year, southeast TV will broadcast the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala, each program as much as possible to connect with the real local landscape, customs, people and emotions, wuyi Mountain as the main scene of the dance “Spring”, is about the highlight of zhu Xi’s moment;The instrumental Spring Breeze, led by Zhang Chenguang and Jiang Yuheng, was filmed in Pingtan, the closest city to Taiwan, to show the special relationship between the two sides.”The Successors of Shaxian county” tells the secret behind the popularity of “Shaxian Snacks” in the whole country. “An Advertisement for Fujian” introduces the pragmatic and enterprising spirit through well-known brands and entrepreneurs. “The Bride” focuses on poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Fujian.At the end of the song “New Love Will win” is a new interpretation of the southern Fujian pop song “Love will win”, but also the performance of fujian people’s fighting spirit.”The fujian gala could not adopt the traditional relative to shoot, but according to the regional and folk features, put one more program at our performance space in the subordinate multiple cities and multiple scenarios, with a seemingly random series of documentary type, plot type, such as home, such as new son-in-law to the door, entrepreneurs, well-meaning to string a entertainment, vividly conveys fujian unique who dares love win spirit.”You Jie, a professor at the School of Drama and Film at communication University of China, wrote a commentary.”It’s probably the most fun my team and I have done so far, because it’s something everyone wants.””Chen Sheng, director of the Large-scale event studio of Southeast TV of Fujian Radio, Film and Television Group and general director of the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala, told the Paper.He believes that the biggest value of the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala is to change the traditional definition of “Spring Festival Gala” impression.Chen Said that the leadership of Fujian Radio, Film and Television Group decided that the keynote of the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala is “Fujian pride, China confidence”, which means that the spirit of the “pragmatic and low-key” Fujian people, so that fujian people feel “very Fujian”.A still from the dance show spring Day during the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala.”We don’t want to do a variety show party, with all the satellite TV in the country on no recognition, in addition to the different stage, the program is completely the same.”Chen said that he had been the general director of fujian’s Spring Festival Gala for three consecutive years. He had not only done conservative, conventional Spring Festival gala, but also tried to invite famous artists and small audiences, but none of them produced any splash.”The simple reason is that the party model is still very traditional.”Chen said he had been looking for young, up-and-coming young production teams to work with for a long time.In 2019, Fujian Radio, Film and Television Group began internal director studio reform, which provides a stage for many young directors to create experimental programs.”I’ve always wanted to do a groundbreaking party.”Chen sheng said that southeast TV gave him a great opportunity to “test his talents” during the fujian Spring Festival Gala in 2021. He specially invited Zhou Bingkun, a master choreographer from Hong Kong, and also invited top design teams, cameras, lighting and choreographers in China to do a Spring Festival gala, which proved to be very effective.”I didn’t expect anything, but some of the shows went viral and the media reached out to interview me.”Chen Sheng said that a radio and television system of the media looking for a total of five provincial TV stations in the Spring Festival Gala breakthrough, southeast TV ranked among them.”Fujian Spring Festival Gala should be like this.”Chen said the move not only gave him and his team a lot of confidence, but also gave the team a certain say in Taiwan.What surprised him most was that the budget did not increase despite making the show influential in the industry.”We put our money where our mouth is.”Chen Sheng said that the 2021 Fujian Spring Festival Gala has cooperated with some first-line teams in China, and he tasted the sweet taste of “entering the circle”. Therefore, for the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala, he began to have confidence in further “breaking the game”, and set a goal with his team: to tell the story of Fujian and China with innovation, breaking the circle and strong communication as the creation goal.This means comprehensive innovation in form and style.”We decided to abandon the traditional theater evening party, with film and television plot way to promote the party process, completely dead but later, who stipulated that the Spring Festival Gala must be a party?”‘It was a risk,’ Mr. Chen said. ‘A lot of people objected to it at first, saying it not only destroyed the concept of the party, but was also very difficult to operate.'”If this year’s gala experiment fails, I won’t do it next year.”Chen said that before he reported to relevant authorities in Fujian and the group leaders, he had been mentally prepared to be rejected, but eventually won strong support.”It’s all about reaching the young market.”China’s economic growth and social progress have given the younger generation unprecedented confidence in traditional culture, encouraging bold and in-depth experiments in this field, Hong said.In 2021, henan SATELLITE TV’s Spring Festival Gala Dinner in Tang Palace, as the first work promoted by the reform, also succeeded in breaking the circle and finally won the recognition of young people.”Every TV station is trying to attract young people, but the paths and means are different.”Chen Xuewu, director of zhejiang TV program Center party activities department, told the Paper.He said that because Zhejiang SATELLITE TV has a number of influential variety shows on young audiences, accumulated a large number of variety resources, so in the Spring Festival Gala stage will be fully reflected in these resources, for the Spring Festival Gala platform.”The CCTV Spring Festival Gala has become a clear benchmark. If local TV stations want to seek breakthroughs in spring evening, they must find new ways and means.”Chen Xuewu said that, as the party team leader of Zhejiang SATELLITE TV, he realized that in the creation and production of “Spring Festival Gala”, we must take “younger” as the target form, and combine distinct local characteristics. For Zhejiang, there are too many classic texts worth exploring in the elegant, elegant and exquisite “Song rhyme culture”.This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala dance “Only This Green” is based on the northern Song Dynasty genius boy Wang Ximeng completed when he was 18 years old the famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”;”Memory of Jiangnan” is based on the story of “Living in The Fuchun Mountains”, which depicts the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Fuchun River in Zhejiang Province. It shows that the long-established “Song culture” can definitely become the artistic treasure in our future creation.A still from the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala “Fighting the Sea”.”How to ensure the atmosphere of the Spring Festival for everyone at a glance, but also have something young people like to see, in the embodiment of our excellent traditional culture at the same time can also have distinctive local characteristics, we have been trying to break through.”Chen Xuewu said.The same is true of the 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala, with the director team calling for a “less gala gala” in terms of style.”We are evaluating the popularity of the show, and the most important indicator is Internet sense.”Chen Sheng said that no matter the language style, plot, atmosphere and advertisement placement of the program emphasize the “sense of network”, at least it is not uncomfortable to watch, and some memes will be put in the program to resonate with young people.”Why should there be a sense of network, the truth is very simple, now people do not honestly sit in front of the TV to watch the Spring Festival Gala, the data shows that the TV audience is less and less, and the mobile phone has become the battlefield of the major TV platforms.”According to Chen, this year’s 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala has proved to be on the right track with several programs that have become popular searches.”It’s not that we were visually or creatively brilliant, but we took a critical step.”Chen Sheng said.(This article is from thepaper.cn. 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