Review the current situation of Chinese women’s football players playing overseas

2022-05-28 0 By

1. Tang, 26, has scored one assist in five appearances for Tottenham ladies and was cheered on by England captain Harry Kane before the final.As the thigh figure of the Chinese women’s football team in this Asian Cup, Tang Jiali’s progress is obvious to all. Whether she breaks through with the ball or passes the ball, she is very reasonable, and her physical fight is better than other teammates.Especially in the knockout stage, Wang Shuang was affected by injuries, it is her excellent performance that let the team step by step onto the top of Asia.2. Shen Mengyu was born in 2000. She plays for Celtic in the SPL women’s football team and has won the SPL Cup.In the run-up to Christmas last year, UK-based Chinese player Tang Jiali posted pictures of herself spending time with Shen Mengyu, who plays for Celtic women’s soccer.3. Shen Menglou was born in 2001. She is capable of playing in multiple positions in the middle and front court.4. Yang Shuhui was born in 2001. She is a full-back and plays for Suvayot in France.Last December, in an interview, she said it was to see Miss Tang and Shen Mengyu’s stay abroad that made her want to go out.5. Zhao Yujie, born in 1999, is a midfielder. He plays for The University of Florida in the NCAA Tournament.The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) named the AFC Women’s U20 Team of the Year, with China’s Zhao Yujie, currently playing for Florida State University and a promising future Chinese women’s forward line.