Send blessing send xi to send ankang Jinan bus to accompany you happy New Year

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In the Spring Festival of the Tiger, Jinan Public Transport will continue to stick to their posts, protect the lights of thousands of families with responsibility, and escort the public passengers with their efforts.While strengthening the operation organization, preparing for transport capacity, strengthening epidemic prevention and control, and improving security, Jinan public transport also launched a series of measures to benefit the people, facilitate the people, benefit the people, increase convenience, add joy, send welfare, accompany the people through a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, jinan public transport staff will stick to their jobs, to do a good job in the operation of the service guarantee work, to provide the public passengers with quality bus travel services.Jinan bus and the train station to establish information communication mechanism, timely grasp the return passenger information, in accordance with the “high-speed rail station, the bus doesn’t collect” principle of service, timely response and dynamic regulation the key line capacity distribution, and in the east of jinan west railway station, station hub with appropriate conditions, such as arrange vehicles in advance into the station waiting for passengers, to make the passengers into the waiting car start ahead of schedule,Fully protect the passenger bus travel demand.Strengthen the tracking of passenger flow in important sections and periods such as major shopping, tourist attractions and transfer stations in urban areas, fully equip with transport capacity, increase transport capacity input for lines passing through Quancheng Square, Daming Lake, Quancheng Road and other areas, and make flexible scheduling preparations in advance according to the law of holiday blocking points in previous years.At the same time, with the meteorological Bureau to establish a special weather information communication mechanism, timely grasp the weather changes, such as bad weather, timely start emergency plans;Make full use of the intelligent scheduling visualization function, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of operating vehicles and personnel during the festival, avoid the phenomenon of large interval and crossing cars to the maximum extent, and ensure the balanced and orderly operation of the line.During the Spring Festival, Jinan public transport also launched group customized special line services, planning to organize collective activities need to travel services of enterprises, from now to January 30, 2022 at 17:00, you can call for consultation and appointment :88512004 (Che teacher, 8:00-17:00).Send more wonderful Spring Festival welfare activities colorful to further build the auspicious festive atmosphere of Spring Festival, as city people sent more new welfare, on the eve of Spring Festival, jinan public transit housekeeper will be in the east of jinan railway station, west railway station, station hub in volunteer service activities, such as random lucky passenger on the year of the tiger exclusive gifts;Year 28, Ji ‘nan public transport brand line will be to ride the lucky children to the year of the Tiger custom “red envelope”, toys and other exclusive “custom gifts”;On New Year’s Eve, send customized “fu” to the first passenger of the first bus (main station).In addition, Ji ‘nan bus also added New Year’s greetings in vehicles LED screen, bus shelters published and broadcast 400 New Year’s greetings posters, to create a strong taste of the New Year.At the same time, 369 travel APP will also launch the Spring Festival version of the Year of the Tiger, online test quancheng Cloud card electronic daily ticket function, extract 369 users to enjoy the rights of 7-day tickets, carry out “lucky sign”, “Spring Festival golden egg” and other activities, simultaneous gift 36900 single tickets;Spring Festival free shipping for the newly launched Year of the Tiger special card;”Qingquan Preferred” section launched suburban preferential tickets, exploring the “bus + life” application scenarios, advocating green travel for citizens.In addition, Jinan public transport together with UnionPay launched “random reduction”, new users “a penny by bus” and other five ride preferential activities, for the public passengers sent to ride welfare, help the public passengers during the Spring Festival by bus, green travel.During the Spring Festival travel rush, Jinan public transport will strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, the operating vehicles will be continuously disinfected, deep disinfection at night, one trip one ventilation, window operation and other standards in place;Intensify inspection and supervision, carry out continuous inspection of vehicle disinfection and ventilation, and ensure that all prevention and control measures are in place.Passengers are requested to wear masks, take the initiative to measure the temperature and show the “health code” during the whole journey to jointly create a safe and secure travel environment.Jinan public transport will continue to carry out traffic safety investigation, major rectification action, serious vehicle safety investigation, increase the security inspection of terror, strictly prevent carrying flammable and explosive dangerous goods on the bus, continue to strengthen the Spring Festival travel with the car and station safety inspection, to ensure the safety of passengers.The first batch of 690 new pure electric buses purchased by Jinan Public Transport will also provide more comfortable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly travel services for quancheng citizens during this Spring Festival.On the basis of epidemic prevention and control and self-protection, jinan bus drivers will earnestly provide standardized service and smile service to provide a warm and warm travel environment for public passengers.