Summary of medical insurance payment and other issues during epidemic prevention and control in Xi ‘an in January 2022

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During the period of strict control over the epidemic, the government affairs Hall was closed, and all its staff went to the frontline of the community to participate in epidemic prevention and control.Due to the impact of the epidemic, many insured units and citizens cannot apply for medical insurance in a timely manner, fearing that the application and treatment of medical insurance will be affected.At present, the municipal Medical insurance Bureau has extended the medical insurance treatment period for employees during the epidemic prevention and control period to the end of February. Therefore, employers who are in arrearage in December or January do not need to worry about affecting their employees’ medical treatment.Immediate services of the four insurances can be handled by themselves in the four insurances Network Office, while other non-urgent services are recommended to be handled at the window after the opening of the government affairs Hall after the strict control period of the epidemic.1. There is no data of medical insurance payment in the electronic tax system: At present, the common problem is that there is no data of medical insurance payment in the electronic tax system. First, it is necessary to determine whether the unit fees will be completed in 2021 annual review of the four insurancesand normal verification and collection.Log in the four insurance network office, if the home page shows the unit of the largest account period number 202111, it shows that the unit has not yet annual review or annual review has not approved the collection, it must be in accordance with the public number video tutorial timely do annual review and approved collection to the latest period.If the maximum accounting period number is displayed as the current month, if the correct accounting period number is 202201, then print the unit collection and payment form in that month. As long as there is any insurance arrears, the collection and payment form can be printed, indicating that the annual review of the four insurance has been completed and belongs to the normal state.Exclude unit after collecting verification problem of not careful or not, if collects pay sheet inside inductrial injury to be lack of data in unemployment, but collects pay single line of health care costs 8 to 0, displayed within the health care because unit commonly accounts to turn gold in balance, and has automatic deduction month overdue bills, if this is the case, the electronic tax system in nature, there is no medical insurance payment data,That month the cost of medical insurance need not be declared again.The capture cost of inductrial injury unemployment is absent electronic tax revenue system already, with endowment insurance, pass social security capture cost end to undertake declare, specific problem can consult bureau of person society or tax revenue branch.Once again, the amount of medical insurance payment shall be subject to the amount approved in the eighth line of the collection form. If the amount shown in the electronic tax system is inconsistent with the payment form, the number and base of the electronic tax system shall be subject to the payment form, as long as the final payment amount is adjusted to the amount approved in the collection form.2. Special payment problem: The fees approved and collected by the four insurance systems will be uniformly pushed to the tax system by municipal departments in the evening, so it is impossible for districts and counties to fail to push.Because tax authorities cannot receive data such as negative compensation and difference, the payment data will have two parts: special payment and normal solicitation. The unit manager will check the data in the special and normal solicitation modules.3, late fees, interest, problem: since March 2019 health care costs by the tax levy, never charged late fees or interest, therefore, if for epidemic control and other reasons lead to failed to declare health care costs, the current will not generate additional costs, unit only when conditions permit in the tax system timely payment.4. The annual review of the four insurance in 2021 can still be handled normally through the network office: Insured enterprises excluding retirees can still handle the annual review of the four insurance in 2021 by themselves through the Network Office before January 14. For units including retirees, please go to the window for on-site audit after the government hall is reopened, the network office cannot handle it.Note that when handling the annual review of the four insurances, you must change the computer system time to any day in 2021. In this way, when modifying the unit payment base, the default year of the annual review software is 2021.Solemnly remind, the current xi ‘an four insurance is in 2021 four insurance annual review, did not carry out the 2022 four insurance annual review, do not confuse the pension insurance 2022 annual review and four insurance annual review.Generally, the annual review of the four insurances will start in the second half of the year. Please pay attention to the specific start time of the municipal People’s and Social Security Bureau and the municipal Medical Insurance Bureau.5, the four insurance personnel increase or decrease through the network office normal handling: unit personnel leave or new entry, should be the first time to handle in time, and endowment insurance is different, four insurance changes are handled in the same month, the next month, also do not need to wait for the actual payment to the account to stop insurance or restore payment.If the page of honesty declaration pops up for personnel increase or decrease, zoom in and slide down the page, find the button and close it to proceed to the next operation.6. Overdue payment after payment:In the electronic tax system after the payment, not in real time to the account, the general city revenue can push on a regular basis to the city people club bureau information systems, such as unit collects pay according to the amount of pay cost, verified by the single generally can settle the month overdue bills, if entities collects pay not according to the single lead to less pay or LouJiao, still owe the nature, pay enough offset the cost of the whole month, balance will in turn to gold,To be able to deduct the whole month of expenses to be deducted.At present, the cycle of tax return is generally in a week to about half a month. Therefore, as long as we ensure that the full amount of payment is paid, we need not worry about it.(Content from Weiyang District Medical Security Bureau of Xi ‘an