The spring breeze sends the guard to warm the heart | New Year’s first talent fair will open the prelude

2022-05-24 0 By

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, many job seekers have also set foot on the road to find jobs and start the struggle of the New Year.On the morning of February 7, it was raining and the ground was wet.The railway station square is full of people.The first Spring Festival job fair of 2022 in Wuyi County was held here as scheduled.This job fair is sponsored by Wuyi County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, undertaken by Wuyi County Human Resources Development Service Co., LTD., and co-organized by China Mobile Wuyi Branch.The fair strictly implemented the requirements of the county Party Committee and the county government for epidemic prevention and control. A temperature measurement and registration area was set up at the entrance, and alcohol, hand sanitizer, masks and other epidemic prevention items were placed on the table. The whole epidemic prevention work was meticulous.At the same time, the staff provided policy consulting services for job seekers, such as employment and entrepreneurship, skills training and social security, and distributed publicity materials.Recruitment site, the zhejiang shengxue leisure products co., LTD., zhejiang vast technology co., LTD., Wu Yiheng yu instrument co., LTD., and so on more than 50 companies to participate in, involved in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, catering services, e-commerce, such as industry, provides the technical workers, production and processing personnel, marketing personnel, administrative personnel, and many other jobs.All booths are arranged in an orderly manner, order management is in place, and the environment is clean and orderly.”Free food and accommodation, with subsidies” “pay five insurance, have two days off” “looking for senior management”……Many companies have put up large recruitment posters and billboards in prominent places, and most positions offer higher salaries than in previous years.Some of the applicants lingered in front of the recruitment booths, reading the recruitment information of enterprises and inquiring about the employment conditions in detail, while others had clear goals and communicated with employers face to face. The whole recruitment site was flooded with people.”In the three major industrial parks in the county, we have opened seven ‘gig’ markets, the first of its kind in the city, to provide local returning employees and new employees with opportunities to find jobs nearby.In addition to the offline gig market, we also connected with labor export centers outside the province to open an online recruitment market.For example, weiyuan and Xihe counties in Gansu province, which have been paired up, have pushed a total of 1,500 high-quality enterprises and high-quality jobs.”According to hu Wen, deputy director of the county human resources and Social security Bureau, in the next more than a month, my county will continue to hold more than 100 small job fairs, matchmaking for employers and job seekers, help enterprises to recruit talents, promote all kinds of groups to achieve employment.On the same day, wuyi County convention and Exhibition Center, Hushan street chengxi village (Wuitang village) square and other places held on-site job fairs.