How scary is an invasion of king crabs?Every time you eat one, you’re saving the world!

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High-grade food ingredients are always discouraged by many people. Perhaps some people will deliberately taste the food cooked with high-grade food ingredients because of the idea of tasting fresh food.But the price of expensive food, and not all people can afford to consume, often eat naturally became a luxury.Among the haute cuisine, king crab is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded seafood dishes, and many people feel completely different from eating normal food after tasting the dish.Where there is demand, there is market, and the price of king crab is high because of limited supply.Many people make a lot of money fishing for king crab, which is a marketable high-end seafood and an important resource for countries where fishing is an important industry.But the presence of king crabs in the waters around the UK is causing concern, rather than a bona fours.Why such a high – quality seafood can make a lot of money for fishermen, but let fishermen not happy up?The king crab looks like an oversized crab, but it’s actually a member of the stone crab family.The main circulation in the market is the red king crab, distributed in higher latitudes.King crabs are more affected by temperature, and they thrive in seawater close to the polar regions.The limited range of production and the fact that it is a popular delicacy should be in short supply, so why is it causing concern among fishermen?The Invasion of the King crab in the Barents Sea led to the loss of space for other Marine life, and the Soviet Union took a liking to the crab and introduced it to the Barents Sea for farming.Conditions there are similar to where the king crabs come from, and they’ve adapted and their numbers are growing.King crab populations are less sustainable in their native waters, where they grow in shallow waters where they have access to adequate food sources.But there are plenty of predators, and many of them are eaten by predators before they grow up and go back to the deep sea.King crabs introduced to the Barents Sea are no longer restricted by natural predators, and many of their young are able to reach adulthood.Coupled with their high reproductive capacity, the Barents Sea’s king crab population is flourishing.As adults, king crabs prey on sea stars, sea urchins, barnacles and other Marine life. They have no natural predators in the deep sea, and other creatures are no match for them.As the population grew, the area was overrun by king crabs, and other sea creatures lost space to the crabs.It’s getting harder and harder for fishermen to catch other seafood.Although king crab fishing can be lucrative for fishermen, it is an important source of income for the major fishing nations along the Barents Sea.But when they spread, they wreak havoc on Marine ecosystems, flooding waters that make it difficult for other Marine life to survive.At high latitudes, Marine ecosystems are damaged, making it harder to recover.King crabs are also found in large numbers in Antarctic waters, where they pose a serious threat to the ecosystem.If it’s flooding, why not overcatch it?It is not so easy to control their numbers.The price of king crab is limited by a number of factors. One reason why the crab is so expensive is that there are restrictions on its capture and transportation.In the deep sea where king crabs live, there are often strong winds on the surface of the sea, and it is located in the high latitude, and it is necessary to pay attention to the risk of temperature loss when fishing for king crabs. Generally, only experienced fishermen dare to catch king crabs.King crab size is very large, trap cage weight up to 200 jin, fishing operation is more troublesome, compared to the difficulty of fishing.King crab fishing process is very demanding, transportation is also very demanding, after the catch should be frozen in time to ensure its freshness.If a catch goes wrong and the crab dies, the price will be much lower.These constraints make it difficult to bring down the cost of king crab.Even if there is a large market for expensive food, it is difficult to turn it into civilian food.The price of king crab, which is rampant at high latitudes and hard to lower, is a stark contrast.