Heze 2021 “report card” released

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China Shandong network – Perception Shandong February 8 news (reporter Xie Wenjia) On February 8, Heze held a press conference to introduce the economic and social operation of Heze in 2021.In 2021, in the face of complex and changeable environment at home and abroad, the whole city will earnestly implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the work requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. Under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, focusing on the goal of coming from behind, the city will earnestly implement the tasks of “six stability” and “six guarantees” and concentrate on promoting the “four breakthroughs”.The city’s general public budget income, rules on industrial added value, total retail sales of social consumer goods, all the residents’ per capita income, the per capita consumption expenditure, etc with five main indexes increase first, the present stability of economic and social development into the, into the mass extraction, continue to the good development momentum, realized the “difference” good start.The city’s GDP reached 397.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.8%, ranking the third in the province.Industrial performance continued to improve.The industrial added value on the regulation increased by 14.2%, 4.6 percentage points higher than the province, ranking the first in the province.Among the 33 industrial sectors in the city, 24 maintained growth, with a growth rate of 72.7%.Investment has maintained steady growth.Investment in fixed assets above designated size increased by 15.8%, ranking third in the province.Two years of average growth of 11.6%, ranked the second province.The operation rate of 113 key provincial-level projects under implementation reached 100%, and investment of 67 billion yuan, or 148% of the annual investment plan, was completed.Growth in government revenue, social security, personal income, and consumer spending continued to outpace growth.The total revenue of the general public budget reached 28.4 billion yuan, up 19.3%, ranking first in the province, and rising from 11th to 9th in the province last year.Among them, tax revenue accounted for 77% of the general public budget revenue, 1.8 percentage points higher than the provincial average.The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 191.6 billion yuan, up 17% year on year, ranking first in the province.The per capita disposable income and consumption expenditure of all residents were 23,854 yuan and 16,703 yuan respectively, up 9.7% and 10.2% year-on-year respectively, ranking the first in the province.Focusing on promoting breakthroughs in key industries, developing hard power to constantly strengthen and win the “Key industry breakthrough year” initiative, in-depth implementation of the “chain length system”, the city’s industrial structure is taking place overall fundamental changes.The biomedical industry is expanding rapidly.The new output value of “One port and four Parks”, such as the Modern Pharmaceutical Port, has exceeded RMB 50 billion.Modern Pharmaceutical Port has entered the harvest period successively, with a total of 40 signed projects and a total investment of 13 billion yuan, becoming a new growth pole.The offshore protein project was signed, built and put into production. Buchang Pharmaceutical Xuanfei Baidu granule was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration as one of the “three parties” of traditional Chinese medicine against epidemic. Juancheng Ruiying Pharmaceutical Industrial Park built an international advanced flexible intelligent manufacturing sharing platform of the whole industrial chain.High-end chemical industry to improve quality and expand capacity.Dongming Petrochemical was listed as the top ten industrial leading enterprises in Shandong Province, and its financial company was approved to be established.Xuyang Group’s total investment of 3.3 billion yuan nylon 66 and other six industrial chain extension projects accelerated construction.The three competitive industries have been upgraded.Investment in intensive processing of agricultural and sideline products and in mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing increased by 75.3% and 46.4% respectively.Online retail sales of physical goods in the city increased by 32.9%.A number of emerging industrial clusters are thriving.Investment in the four new industries rose 3.7 percent year on year, while the output value of high-tech industries rose 37 percent.Shandong Southwest Big Data Center was approved as provincial digital Economic Park;Datang 5G Microbase station project has become the 5G network operation headquarters covering the whole country of China Information Technology Group.Our city ranks 69th among the top 100 advanced manufacturing cities in China and 9th in Shandong Province.We will make implementing the rural vitalization strategy the overall focus of our work related to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers in the new era, and spare no effort to focus on key areas, strengthen areas of weakness, and increase our strength.Progress in poverty alleviation has been consolidated.The largest-scale project to improve people’s livelihood was completed in history, and 146,000 beach-area residents realized their century-old dream of living in peace.The mechanism for monitoring and providing immediate assistance to prevent people from returning to poverty was further improved, and construction began on 381 projects funded by bridging funds.Rural industries are more vibrant.Overcoming the adverse effects of the worst wheat stripe rust disease in 30 years and heavy rainfall exceeding the historical extreme value, summer grain area, yield per unit area and total yield increased, and the total annual grain yield reached 15.754 billion tons, ranking second in history.There were two new national leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, and 1,004 enterprises with large-scale intensive processing of agricultural and sideline products, with their revenue increasing by 36.4%.Peony characteristic industry in Heze was selected as the “flying geese” cluster of provincial “Top Ten” industry for the first time.Progress was accelerated in integrating urban and rural areas.Twelve towns and townships were newly selected as provincial strong towns of agricultural industry, and 20 key towns formed the industrial pattern of “one town, one product”.The seven-point reform project continued, with 1,800 kilometers of new and upgraded rural roads, and 93% of administrative villages now have access to public transportation.A total of 122 new resettlement areas for beautiful and livable rural areas were built, and 192 provincial-level demonstration villages for beautiful villages were built, making continuous improvement in rural areas.Rural cultural revitalization has yielded fruitful results, and nearly all cultural practice centers in the new era have been established.We sped up efforts to make breakthroughs in urban functions, continued to increase the overall carrying capacity of cities, and made solid progress in developing regional central cities by shaping their distinctive features and improving their quality.Decisive breakthroughs were made in major transportation facilities.Peony Airport is officially open to traffic, and heze section of South Shandong high-speed railway has been put into operation. Heze people’s long-expected “aviation dream” and “high-speed railway dream” have all come true.New Wanfu River channel phase I project trial operation, 1000-ton class freighter direct heze.Rilan expressway juan-heze section of the reconstruction and expansion project opened to traffic, the city has the first two-way eight lane highway.A number of major projects such as the Xiongshang high-speed railway, yangxin High-speed railway and Yuncheng New River Waterway were accelerated.Urban functions have been constantly improved.Solid progress was made in 100 key urban construction projects, and a civic and cultural center was built and put into operation.The five lakes and ten rivers were connected, and over 280 kilometers of rainwater and sewage pipelines were renovated.A total of 219 old residential areas were upgraded, 127,000 housing units were built, and 46 urban roads were renovated or expanded.The quality of cities continued to improve.Focusing on prominent problems, special treatment was carried out, including 1,176 problems with urban renovation poles and cables, and 161 family hospitals without property management.We will improve the urban road management system and completely solve the stubborn problem of arbitrarily occupying and digging urban roads.Progress was made in building civilized cities and hygienic cities, and new smart cities and integrated command platforms were basically completed.Focus on enhancing the influence of Heze, and vigorously implement the innovation and breakthrough action of business environment.The government environment continued to improve.We deepened the reform of “one business, one license,” and the same power to cities and counties. We introduced the integrated review and approval model of “one window” and “one chain”, allowing 100 percent of all business approvals to be processed, cutting the time limit for review and approval by 83 percent from the statutory limit. Four batches of high-quality development “policy packages” were fully implemented.Continue to deepen the working mechanism of “enterprise whistling, department reporting, city and county linkage”, and the timely handling rate of “whistling” matters is 100%.The legal environment has been constantly improved.The government has taken the lead in fulfilling its commitment to fully clean up cases of dishonesty in government affairs.Set up “Heze City to support the development of private enterprises legal service team”, provide enterprises with door-to-door “rule of law physical examination” more than 12,000 times.We will exercise inclusive and prudent oversight, explore ways to introduce a system of dormancy for enterprises, minimize penalties for enterprises involved, and help them travel lightly.The cultural environment continued to improve.Deeply excavate regional cultural connotation, integrate cultural elements into all aspects of economy and society, and shape influential and attractive characteristic humanistic brand.In accordance with the “five and new way of thinking, the peony ornamental, peony, peony culture art industry, high level innovation hold MuDanJie, facing the global” flowering time “peony series award selection activities,” the Chinese peony “brand influence significantly increased, and has set up a” peony bridge “for the heze towards the world.We have continued to deepen reform and opening up to unleash the dynamism and dynamism of development. We have the courage to break stereotypes and path dependence, and use reform thinking and methods to solve problems and promote development.Deepening reform is fast and steady.Luxi New District was approved successfully, heze once again ushered in a new great opportunity to catch up and develop.The nine major reform initiatives have been continuously deepened, 14 reform and innovation experiences leading the country have been created, and 28 reform models, such as the innovation of the management system and operation mechanism of modern pharmaceutical port, have been promoted in the province.The three-year campaign to reform state-owned enterprises was deepened.The merger and reorganization of State-Owned enterprises and the reform of mixed ownership were completed smoothly, and the appointment of all outside directors was realized.The total assets of the 15 city-owned enterprises increased by 43.4% year on year, and the operating revenue increased by 39.21% year on year.Remarkable results have been achieved in “breaking circles and chains”.By means of judicial restructuring, consultation and restructuring, we have changed the “blood transfusion” into market-oriented, law-based and standardized disposal, and eliminated all high-risk “guarantee circles”.Ruiying Group enterprise credit comprehensive recovery, won the national fifth batch of drug collection 6.6 billion yuan huge order, creating heze pharmaceutical enterprises into the first phalanx of the country.The city’s non-performing loan ratio dropped to 1.43%, down 1.06 percentage points from the beginning of the year.The number of enterprises involved in the guarantee circle and the number of guarantee chains are the first in the province.Opening-up continued to expand.The bonded logistics center (TYPE B) has 108 settled enterprises, and the transaction volume ranks second in the province. The Customs supervision station of Jinan Railway Logistics Park has passed the acceptance smoothly, and a batch of new platforms and Windows have become the new carrier of our city’s opening up to the outside world.The city’s total import and export volume of goods reached 56.82 billion yuan, up 30.1%, and the import and export scale hit a record high.Paid-in foreign investment amounted to US $498 million, up 71.6%.The number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises increased by 120, and the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce reached 1.94 billion yuan, 86.7 times that of 2020.The people’s livelihood has continued to improve, and the quality of people’s lives has significantly improved. We have practiced the thought of people-centered development, put the “laborious lever” to good use, and done a precise and meticulous job in the work related to people’s livelihood. The expenditure on people’s livelihood in The city accounted for 78% of the expenditure in the general public budget.We continued to stabilize and expand employment, creating 73,000 urban jobs and 81,000 returning home to start businesses and find jobs.We improved the quality of education by building, renovating or expanding 91 primary, middle and primary schools and kindergartens, adding 49,000 new degrees and recruiting 4,076 teachers.Deepen the construction of health Heze, realize the “one-card line” of medical insurance card in the province, “integration of the city” of medical treatment and reimbursement;The number of nursing beds increased by 1,544;36 medical projects, including the brain department of municipal hospital, were completed and put into operation.We carried out 15,000 mass cultural activities to improve people’s cultural and sports lives, and built 14 urban study rooms through innovation.Our athletes won 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze MEDALS in the 14th National Games, which is the best result in history.Strong and effective epidemic prevention and control ensured the bottom line of preventing imported cases from rebounding.The city’s average PM2.5 concentration dropped to 48 micrograms per cubic meter, and the air quality rate reached 63 percent.The rate of excellent and good sections in eight state-controlled rivers reached 87.5%.The campaign to root out organized crime has been intensified on a regular basis, and the public’s sense of security has continued to increase.Next step, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and the 19th Plenary Session of the Party, fully implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspection heze important speech, with high-quality development as the theme, with reform and innovation as the driving force, accelerate the implementation of the Yellow River national strategy, high level to promote the construction of Heze Luxi New Area,We will continue to make breakthroughs in key industries, rural revitalization, urban functions, and the business environment. We will make every effort to get things done and do good things for the people. We will coordinate efforts to stabilize growth, promote reform, make structural adjustments, improve living standards, and guard against risks, so as to achieve higher-quality development from a new starting point.