We will ensure that people enjoy a warm winter and a peaceful New Year

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On January 28, Qu Hai, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, visited veteran cadres, disabled people in difficulties, enterprises in difficulties and workers.QuHai stressed that party organizations at all levels, civil affairs departments, trade union organizations should adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, in-depth the needy family, urgently needed to solve practical problems, the basic life safeguard difficult people, and sent the party and the government’s care and warmth to every family, trying to make the people warm for the winter, the auspicious New Year’s day.City leaders Yang Aiyun, Huang Daoan, Yang Liping, Le Yuncheng, Yiyang High-tech Zone Party working Committee secretary Wang Jun attended.In visiting veteran cadres Li Wenshi, retired cadres Wang Jun, Qu Hai asked in detail about their living conditions and physical condition, to extend New Year greetings and good wishes to them, for their contributions to the development of yiyang undertakings and the strong support of the municipal party committee, the government expressed gratitude, told them to take care of their health.Quhai asked the relevant units to do a good job of the veteran cadres with heart, political respect, ideological concern, life care, spiritual care, and strive to let them live a happy and peaceful life in their old age.925 stone coal power Plant is located in Nijiangkou Town, Heshan District. It was founded in 1977 as a scientific research and experimental institution under the provincial Science and Technology Department. It once created the largest stone coal power generation in the world and made a great contribution to the national development.After reform, the factory laid-off workers because of age slant big, cultural degree is not high reason, employment is very difficult.Into the 925 stone coal power plant, Qu Hai detailed understanding of the company’s development and existing difficulties.Qu Hai pointed out that the relevant person in charge of the power plant should do a good job of the work after the restructuring, the foundation should be clear, strict management;We will do a good job in helping those in need and helping them tide over difficulties.Relevant departments should make good use of resources, develop industries in light of local conditions, actively help solve the employment problem of employees and residents, boost high-quality development and promote common prosperity.Qu also visited three families of workers and disabled people in need, sent them festive materials and New Year’s greetings, and encouraged them to be confident, overcome difficulties with a positive and optimistic spirit, and strive to create a better life under the leadership of the Party.Qu hai stressed that the party should always maintain close ties with the people, implement the party’s policies to benefit the people, and let the disadvantaged people share the fruits of reform and development.We should actively prevent and deal with the disasters that may be brought by the cold rain, snow and freezing weather, help the people in need to solve their actual difficulties, and strive to make the people of the whole city live a happy year.