In one night, hangzhou three batches of 84 medical staff rushed to fuyang and Binjiang

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news correspondent Xie Wenzhu reporter He Lina The first day of the Lunar New Year, in this original reunion day, hangzhou cancer hospital medical staff once again retrograde, braving the cold wind, wearing the stars, fearless retrograde.On February 1, the first day, at 11 o ‘clock in the evening, the nucleic acid testing emergency team of Hangzhou Cancer Hospital was quickly assembled. Led by Jiang Mingfeng, director of the laboratory Department, the team of 7 people rushed to Fuyang to carry out nucleic acid testing.They are all the elite soldiers of the laboratory, two of them just from the hospital in Binjiang laboratory testing work to finish home, have no time to rest, see the assembly order and take the initiative to sign up, quickly returned to the team.On February 2, the second day of the New Year, at 0:05 a.m., the team arrived at the makeshift laboratory outside fuyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, took a short rest and quickly threw into battle.Shortly after the 7-member nucleic acid test emergency team left for the war, Hangzhou Cancer Hospital sounded the call again, and the “Hangzhou Concentric Anti-epidemic wind convoy” was dispatched late at night to escort the medical staff to the hospital on time.At 3 o ‘clock in the morning, 44 members of the nucleic acid sampling emergency team, led by Vice President Deng Qinghua, set foot on the bus to Fuyang.Shi Jianwen of the Party construction Office signed up immediately after seeing the emergency support task, saying that his home is in Fuyang district, and he should do his best for the people of his hometown.However, due to the implementation of traffic control in Fuyang, she could not return to the hospital, so she urgently contacted the village committee and other relevant departments to coordinate with multiple parties. Fortunately, she was not located in the containment area, and finally set out with her teammates to fight against the epidemic.From Hangzhou to Fuyang, buses carrying medical staff galloped all the way, with hope and courage.At 6 o ‘clock in the morning, 44 medical staff have been working at the corresponding nucleic acid sampling site in Fuyang for a period of time. In order to reduce the queuing time of citizens in the cold wind, the team worked against the clock under the premise of standardized operation.At the same time, 34 medical staff from Hangzhou once again rushed to binjiang Baima Lake to carry out nucleic acid sampling.Nurse Wang Yiqing, who just spent a special birthday, took a day off and went out as the team leader again.As a member of the administrative logistics department, Zheng Yongming also went to the front line with the team, he said: “The front line medical staff are very hard, they work round the clock, it is not easy.As a medical student, I should do what I can to fight the virus.”This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.