Make a deal!AC Milan are close to signing the Dutch international!The main team may move to Barcelona

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AC Milan are under pressure to renew their contracts after a number of key players have already left or will soon leave the club as free agents.Considering that these players are among the highest paid players in the team, with a total value of more than 100 million euros, their free departures will not only weaken the team’s overall strength, but also affect the already poor financial situation of the team.With no money to sell players, the club is also struggling to attract new players.In this case, for the existing main players in the team, Maldini has already begun to negotiate with them in advance, so as not to fall into a passive situation again.From the current situation, teo Hernandez’s contract extension situation is the most ideal.Teo Hernandez has been in excellent form this season and has become one of the key players in Pioli’s tactical system.He has scored four goals and made 10 assists in 29 appearances in all competitions.It can be said that at the left back position, Teo Hernandez has stepped into the ranks of top players.He is also the most expensive AC Milan player in the transfer market, with a price tag of 48 million euros.With teo Hernandez determined to remain at the club, his contract extension is progressing smoothly.AC Milan have even completed the signing of teo Hernandez on a new five-year deal worth around 4.5 million euros per year, according to transfer expert Romano.As the team’s other outstanding performance of the player, Leao’s contract progress is also relatively smooth.This season, on the left wing, Leo has used his speed and skill to become the team’s sharpest attacking point.Especially in the right side of salemakos and Messi’s overall strength is a little less than the situation, The left side of Leo and Theo naturally become the team’s attack.In the premiership this season, He has averaged 2.8 passes per game, the most of any wide player in the league.He also averages 1.5 fouls per game.Given that Leo is only 22 years old, he still has plenty of time to improve his game.AC Milan are expected to lock up the promising Portuguese winger with a €4m annual salary plus a partial bonus clause.While teo and Leo are going well, veteran zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contract extension seems to be a bit uncertain.Ibrahimovic has also been effective this season, scoring eight goals and two assists in 15 league games, but the 40-year-old has shown signs of lacking strength as the games have progressed.This is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, his physical condition is not only unable to support the whole game, even difficult to support the start of the game, from this season’s games, in the second half of the substitute Ibrahimovic has tended to play a more important role;Second, his injuries are more frequent, and the recovery speed is slow, which are limiting his continued contribution to the team’s unfavorable factors.In this context, AC Milan are also understood to be weighing up the possibility of extending ibrahimovic’s contract.However, despite his diminishing contribution as a player, Ibrahimovic’s role in the management of the team is still significant, so AC Milan are likely to renew his contract.In addition to dealing with the renewal of these players, AC Milan have not made any significant signings in the past transfer window, so they are still working on the transfer of some of their favorite players in order to be more competitive next season.AC Milan have made decisive progress after opening negotiations with portman’s side, according to transfer expert Roberto Schirra.Maldini has reached an agreement with Botman’s agent over the player’s salary, which will see the player receive a five-year contract worth 2.5 million euros per year after the transfer is completed.Portman is understood to have informed lille that he has decided to join AC Milan next season.With the two teams on good terms and the player’s decision already made, lille are unlikely to block the transfer.All told, AC Milan are close to signing the 30 million euro Holland international.However, the team had high hopes of Casey seems to have been in the transfer of the team on the road to “never look back”.As things stand, Casey is casting a wide net, negotiating contracts with multiple teams at the same time.However, many teams are taking a wait-and-see approach given his generous annual salary demands.According to Marca, the team Casey would most like to move to is Barcelona.Barcelona are also interested in the move, as they see Casey as a replacement for Busquets, who has seen his form slump.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)