Beijing Universal Studios spring is new!This theme activity debuted today

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Starting from April 8, 2022, Beijing Global Resort will present a series of themed experience activities to visitors in the following months.Universal Studios Beijing King of Glory Hero Event theme activities from April 8 to July 3;Based on the global hit film Despicable Me series, a new minion-themed guest room will be launched soon, providing “minions” adorable experience from the theme room to the theme scenic spot;Jurassic World nubla-themed events will be staged, and the “Dinosaur Escape” scene will meet visitors in “Blockbuster World”.In addition, seven theme attractions at Universal Studios Beijing will continue to showcase popular movie stories and characters through rides, entertainment shows, specialty shops and dining experiences.The seven scenic spots are The Land of Kung Fu Panda, Transformers Base, Minions Land, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter TM, Jurassic World Nubla Island, Hollywood and Future Waterworld.While launching a number of themed activities and experiences, Beijing Global Resort will continue to strictly implement a series of epidemic prevention and control measures:All visitors will be checked for code and health screening, and the cleaning and disinfection work of all places in the park will be strengthened, including comprehensive disinfection of the whole park after the park is closed every day, convenient disinfection and cleaning facilities will be provided for tourists, and tourists will be guided to keep a safe distance, so as to strive for a safe and healthy environment to welcome tourists.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all tourists are required to register and book entry time through the official mobile app of Beijing Global Resort before going out, and enter the park in an orderly manner at different times. They are also requested to wear masks, maintain social distancing and take good personal protection during the visit.Before departure, tourists can log on the official website, App and mini program of Beijing Global Resort to learn about the latest epidemic prevention policies and requirements of the park by referring to the “Safety Guide”.Beijing Global Resort will pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control situation and adjust operation arrangements in a timely manner.It is reported that from April 8 to July 3, 2022, universal Studios Beijing Hollywood Area will present “Universal Studios Beijing: King of Glory Hero Event Theme activities” for visitors.Together with Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” IP, Beijing Global Resort selects the “Chang ‘an area” of The Honor of Kings as the story background, selects famous heroes, and creates a unique theme park entertainment experience, including the Honor of Kings Hero parade, the Honor of Kings Hero meet and greet and the Honor of Kings limited peripheral products.As universal Studios Beijing’s newly created float parade, the Honor of Kings Parade consists of four floats, consisting of 11 core hero characters, eight soldiers, 12 dancers and six flag bearers.The performance is set against the background of wu Zetian’s royal parade in Chang ‘an City to display the “organ nucleus”. Through the game between the “red” and “blue” sides, exquisite organ devices are reproduced, complemented by the classic lines and dramatic dialogues of the hero roles, the exciting story is laid out.The parade starts at the entrance of The Beijing Universal Studios theme Park and continues along Hollywood Boulevard to the Universal Splendor Theatre.The Honor of Kings hero meet-and-greet is at the end of Hollywood Boulevard by Lake Langong.After the hero parade, The “Organ Core” reappeared on the elaborate stage inspired by the “Valley of Kings”.Six core hero characters take turns to appear around the “organ core”, presenting visitors with characteristic character interaction experience.Dozens of king of Glory limited peripheral products are new, including limited peripheral products designed for fans, fashionable single products designed for fashionable people, and cute hero peripheral products designed for young people.In addition, diners at the Hollywood Resort will also provide visitors with special snacks.In addition to the original themed horticultural landscape, gorgeous spring flowers such as magnolia, peach blossom, crabapple, lilac and Chinese rose are in full bloom for the second time, and dozens of herbal flowers are in full bloom, adding abundant colors to the first spring after the opening of the garden.Recently, Universal Studios Beijing will launch an exquisite afternoon tea set at the Hollywood Club;The Mengmeng Beef and fish Sushi Burger bar on Beijing’s Global City Avenue has also launched a new menu for spring, offering two choices of “mini burger and rainbow sushi ball”, “dessert platters and white wine”, and traditional Japanese set meals.The all-day Hyatt restaurant at The Norkin Resort has also introduced a new menu.In addition, Universal Studio Beijing will offer double afternoon tickets on non-designated days and early bird discounts for tickets on designated days, including double afternoon tickets on non-designated days and early bird discounts for tickets on designated days.Non-designated Day Double afternoon ticket: Visitors who purchase non-designated day double afternoon ticket can enter the park after 14:00 by selecting two different dates from the applicable dates between April 17, 2022 and June 30, 2022;Early bird discount for designated day tickets: Starting from April 15, 2022, tourists who buy designated one-day tickets and designated 1.5 day tickets at least 7 days in advance of the travel day can enjoy about 10% of the early bird ticket discount (the amount of the early bird ticket is subject to the amount shown on the booking page, and the discount will be automatically deducted on the settlement page).