Listen to their wishes on the train during the Spring Festival travel rush

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“Come here, this is our compartment!””Hello, please show me your id card.”The quiet platform became bustling as passengers began boarding.Passengers followed one by one, carrying bags of luggage, in order to get on the bus.This year’s Spring Festival travel rush started on January 17. The K508 general speed train from Guiyang to Beijing left Guiyang Railway Station at 2:40 PM on January 26. Carrying many returnees, the train will arrive at Beijing West Railway Station at 21:34 PM on January 27, covering a journey of 30 hours and 47 minutes.Before the K508 general speed train started its journey, train staff and staff from the Guiyang Disease Prevention and Control Center of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., LTD had sterilized the train to ensure passengers’ safety.The staff of the Guiyang Disease Prevention and Control Center of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. are on the train. Everyone’s face shows the joy and expectation of going back home. They have many expectations and wishes for 2022.Wang Xu, who has worked in Guiyang for six or seven years, is taking her son back to her hometown in Dazhou, Sichuan province, for the Spring Festival.”I’ll be home for the next year. I have work and the kids have school.”Wang said she likes Guiyang very much and has seen it develop well in recent years, “so we have been living and working here. As an ordinary worker, my wish for 2022 is to save more money.”Sitting next to Wang, his son Shuai shuai (pseudonym) excitedly talks about what he will do and eat when he returns to Dazhou, Sichuan province. “IN 2022, I want my study to get better and better,” he says.Passenger Wang Xu and her son Shuai shuai were among two young men who stood out in the same carriage, chatting and laughing on video with their families.They are ding Lipei and Li Hao, from Ankang city, Shaanxi Province. Although they are less than 20 years old, they have started a business in Guiyang for 2 years. “My friend told us that Guiyang has many opportunities here and we can try, so we came here.When it comes to 2022, they want their store in Baiyun district to get better and bigger.Ding Lipei and Li Hao are K508 and family video calls after train driving, steward supervisor in each choose a outbreak, the conductor Zhou Dianxiong with random outbreak supervisor meeting held the epidemic prevention and control work, to the outbreak of supervisors shall popularize knowledge of prevention and control measures and, at the same time small card issuing outbreak propaganda, establish corresponding link mechanism,Assist teams in epidemic prevention and control.”This is the first time FOR me to be chosen as an epidemic supervisor, and it’s the first time I’ve heard of it,” said Zhao Songyan, a passenger on his way from Kunming to his hometown in Henan province. “But according to the conductor’s explanation, I feel my responsibility is heavy.I will supervise passengers in my compartment to wear masks and pay attention to epidemic prevention.”Speaking of his wishes for 2022, Zhao said that he hopes the epidemic will end soon.As a train conductor, Zhao Songyan, the epidemic monitor passenger, zhou Dianxiong, started the preparation work at 7 a.m. in order to ensure the safe arrival of the train from Guiyang to Beijing and Guiyang. “If everything goes well this year, I can go home for the Spring Festival, and I am very happy.””My wish for 2022, besides winning the lottery every year, is to wish everything well,” zhou Dian-xiong, a train conductor, checks the train’s quarantine supplies.Chow hopes every train will be safe and smooth in 2022.The passengers on the train were talking and laughing, and everyone was looking forward to smoothly returning home and eating the hot meal, so that the coming year will be more vigorous.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Chen Zujia lu Silu editor Luo Hangnian he Tao editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao