With a score of 4.72 points, the warehouse was filled with all kinds of goods

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In the past two years, with the rapid development of live broadcasting in mainland China, many Hong Kong artists have given up their comfortable life and come to mainland China to join the live broadcasting circle. They have accumulated a large number of fans quickly by relying on their previous fame, and then opened the live broadcasting of live broadcasting, but this process is not plain sailing.Earlier, Lee kuo-lin was called “the most miserable star with goods” by Hong Kong media because of the dismal sales of livestream tapes. In addition, he was also “admonished” by netizens and friends around him, that star artists should act well, do not get involved in this damage to reputation.After a period of more than half a month, I did not expect David Lee to quickly reverse his reputation with his own efforts and become one of the few “Hong Kong star with cargo master broadcast”.January 25, according to Hong Kong media news, Li Guolin recently accepted the “Look Around” interview, in the interview, he described live delivery is a very new and interesting thing.”If it is really sad, why not return to Hong Kong, but also continue to live with goods?Take goods is actually with the fans to meet, interaction, sell or not to sell goods have a helper.”It is reported that Li guolin’s live broadcast with goods has been rated as high as 4.72 points (out of 5).For the last live broadcast with goods bleak, Li Guolin explained that all this is not his fault, but with its cooperation in Hangzhou team after-sales service is not in place, customers gave bad comments.Lee also joked with a hint of self-mockery, saying, I have never been called unqualified in my whole life.In order to prove that what he said was true, Li Guolin specially revealed the arrangement of the broadcast room to the media. The whole room was full of lockers, and each cabinet was filled with various kinds of goods, which looked dazzling. If it was not for the trust of merchants, there could not be so many goods.In fact, the “negative”, not only damage for Joseph lee’s reputation, it is to make the more popularity, ever collaborate with merchants did not so much, his reputation in the eyes of young Internet users are not that high, but after the “negative publicity”, he brought the grading of goods not only to a very high level,Even the daily recording of the video seemed extraordinarily confident.For Hong Kong artists, live with goods is just a means for them to “get gold”, commercial performance, drama, film and so on, they will be involved, so the so-called “bleak” does not exist, if it does exist, there will not be so many Hong Kong artists choose to go north to develop, some people even settle in the mainland.