Benz A200L sports car fashion version, more than 200,000 yuan installed “PI” artifact

2022-05-19 0 By

The Mercedes brand, which has been branded as a luxury car, is now also aimed at the broad middle market.Mercedes-benz A-class is the representative model. After being made in China, we know that we like large cars, so we launched our long-wheelbase model.Today we bring is Benz A200L sports car fashion version.In the appearance of the continuation of the previous design style, the use of C class with the same headlight car group.The sides, with a longer wheelbase, maintain a graceful silhouette, which is commendable.The 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels are matched with the rounded lines extending from the side of the body to the rear of the car, and the expanded taillight shape is full of three-dimensional feeling, very fashionable and simple.The interior also has elements of a luxury car, with a 10.25-inch dual-screen and a touch-sensitive center screen for better hand-tracking, more responsive and delicate displays.Multimedia is equipped with the all-new MBUX system, and the experience is slowly catching up with the Mercedes E-Class.In terms of power, Benz A200L sports car fashion version, in the length of 4419mm wide 1796mm high 1432mm wheelbase 2729 car body is equipped with a 1332ml displacement L4 horizontal turbocharged engine.DOHO ratio structure, maximum horsepower 163PS, maximum power 120KW, maximum power speed 5500rpm, maximum torque 250N.m.The control is equipped with front and rear parking radar, reversing image, automatic parking, cruise control, 3 driving mode switch (standard/sport/economy), engine start and stop, automatic parking, uphill assistance.Anti-theft is equipped with optional keyless entry of the whole car (4800 yuan), engine electronic anti-theft, in-car central lock, remote control key, keyless start.One-button lifting of the whole car glass, anti-hand clamping window, electrically adjusted rearview mirror, electrically adjusted rearview mirror, electrically adjusted rearview mirror, electric folding, automatic folding of lock car, heating, manual anti-glare inner rearview mirror, main and co-pilot makeup mirror with lighting, rainfall sensing wiper.The transmission adopts a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, the chassis has a front suspension of Macpherson independent suspension and a rear suspension of torsion beam non-independent suspension.The driving mode is front-drive, electric power, bearing type body structure.The specification of front and rear wheels is 205/ R17, front brake is ventilated disc, rear brake is disc, electronic parking.The seats are made of imitation leather, supporting the front and rear seat adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4-way), leg support adjustment, waist support (4-way), and the front seat heating (2600 yuan).Manual up, down, back and forth adjustment of the steering wheel, multi-functional steering wheel, steering wheel with shift plate, can be installed HUD digital display (9000 yuan), mobile phone wireless charging function (2000 yuan).Support satellite navigation, road information display, road rescue call, Bluetooth/car phone, optional Voice of Berlin speaker (5,700 yuan), optional 18-inch hub multi-link independent suspension (8,300 yuan).The lamp source is LED, equipped with LED daytime running light, automatic headlight, headlight delay off, geometric multi-beam (5400 yuan), 64 color interior atmosphere lamp.In other safety aspects,Main passenger airbag, front head airbag, passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure display, front seat belt unfastened reminder, ISOFIX child seat interface, ABS anti-lock braking, braking force distribution (EBD/CBC), brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA), Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC), Body stability control (ESC/ESP/DSC), fatigue driving tips.Conclusion: it is worthy of the quality brought to us by luxury cars, first-class workmanship, first-class modeling, and good driving experience.With its starting price of 224,400 yuan, it is recommended.