Three, three brothers and their side of the opposite sex, three, good brother has a crush on his friend’s wife

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As the saying goes: money is a good brother.Today, came a friend called gold fruit, big ghost is to let tea, and let seat.Just because, he is also a rich little, they meet just laugh.These are brothers, because they’re both rich.Step aside if you have no money, or everyone will hate you.He made Jinguo sit at the top, and he made his brother a slave.Golden fruit and big ghost grow similar, also is one meter eight.Not every girl loves him. He’s the kind of handsome girl likes.He had money to feed and drink.What girl wouldn’t want to marry a rich young man like that.Lena was in the back.When he heard it, he came forward.Smile happily of bow, welcome your childe to cold palace.The golden fruit said not to dare, also put a smile on his face.Today, unexpectedly, two people meet on the discharge, like thunder and lightning.All know big ghost in the side, didn’t dare to continue to debauchery.Big ghost because thinking is a friend, also did not put this matter at ease.More than a side to see clearly, a little surprised.He hid himself quickly, not wanting to touch the evil tank.Rich people are afraid of crazy people.Mad men suffer for all.Even if you, not afraid of heaven, not afraid of earth.This is not, you xu home big young woman, also can be seen by people!Say, Lena is not poor money Lord.Basically is the golden fruit looks at the person comfortable.Young man, let nature take its course, and everything is a play for pictures.Men are not afraid, other men like your warbler, afraid of his woman.That’s what it’s called. You can’t help it.Easy to say, one is youth, the other is teenager.They’re not. They’ll do anything.Plus, now people are open, not just like playing.This day, after the golden fruit walked, disgusting also followed to leave the high gate courtyard of his Xu Fu.Go to big street entrance, the car of golden fruit hasn’t gone yet, two people go all the way one in front of one after another.(Industry Yu, to be continued)