The Wangtianshu Scenic area will explore the construction of carbon neutral demonstration area

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On April 2, Wangtianshu Scenic spot took the form of online meeting to hold the opening meeting of the construction and management standard project of carbon neutrality demonstration area of Wangtianshu Scenic Spot.The standard project was commissioned by Xishuangbanna Wangtianshu Tourism Development Co., LTD., and jointly prepared by the Central Academy of Culture and Tourism Management and Tianyuan (Beijing) Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute.Experts from China Green Carbon Sink Foundation, Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Beijing Union University, Beijing Forestry University and other relevant institutions were invited to attend the opening meeting.The representative of the compilation unit analyzed the background of the construction of carbon neutral demonstration zone from the aspects of policy requirements, industry needs, scenic area construction conditions and necessity, and introduced the general situation of relevant standards and work plans at home and abroad, hoping to take Wangtianshu scenic area as a pilot to promote the construction of carbon neutral demonstration zone related standards in China.Experts from the China Green Carbon Sink Foundation first pointed out that the first step in developing carbon neutrality is to define the concept of carbon neutrality and make a reasonable definition of its implementation scope.The person in charge of resource Development department of Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism proposed that scenic areas are an important carrier of tourism development, and the development of scenic areas should deal with the relationship between protection and development, and the construction and management norms of carbon-neutral demonstration areas should be operable.Experts from Beijing Union University believe that determining the boundary of carbon neutrality is the premise of carbon neutrality. They also point out that the calculation of tourists’ carbon emissions, the carbon sink of scenic spots, the development of carbon-neutral tourism products and education platforms, the management services of scenic spots and the low-carbon public facilities should also be considered in the construction of carbon neutral demonstration zones.Beijing Forestry University experts in the speech pointed out that China’s carbon neutrality demonstration area encountered some problems, such as the lack of national official authorization of carbon neutrality certification bodies, carbon emissions accounting and carbon neutrality certification standards lack unified norms, etc., hope through the Wangtianshu scenic carbon neutrality demonstration area specification project,Achieve carbon neutral demonstration zone by “enterprise standard” – “group standard” – “industry standard” gradually upgrade certification.The general manager of Xishuangbanna Wangtianshu Tourism Development Co., Ltd. made the final summary, fully affirmed the work ideas of the compilation unit, fully recognized the expert’s point of view, and further pointed out that the construction of carbon neutrality demonstration zone should be combined with the sustainable development of ecological tourism and biodiversity protection.To assist in the establishment of national ecological and environmental science popularization Base in Wangtianshu Scenic Spot and the construction of social science popularization demonstration base and science popularization base in Yunnan Province.About ZHONGke Tianyuan: Zhongke Tianyuan (Beijing) Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute was established in 2006. It is a partnership planning and design service provider committed to the development of cultural and tourism industry.Zhongke tianyuan has been committed to build scenic tour industry upgrade, low carbon tourism research innovation leading institutions, in the global tourism, rural tourism scenic area, the revitalization of, characteristic town, the national tourist resort area, low carbon tourism, carbon neutral, the sustainable development in areas such as the formation of the theoretical research, the research report, the research achievements of standard, establish and participate in the relevant industry association,Reserve the authoritative expert bank at home and abroad.Zhongke Tianyuan developed the first low-carbon scenic spot development plan in China, and applied the low-carbon tourism concept, low-carbon landscape planning and design, supporting low-carbon technologies, and carbon neutrality implementation to the emerging scenic spots and the full mode transformation of the existing scenic spots.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: