Regarding the policy of the nearest enrollment, the Ministry of Education recently released!

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On February 8, the Ministry of Education released its key work points for 2022.How will education work in 2022?These contents are closely related to children’s learning and growth!The Ministry of Education will further promote the “double reduction” and continue to place the “double reduction” in a prominent position and give top priority to the work in 2022.The main points of the work are to consolidate the reduction achievements of disciplinary training institutions, and guide local governments to carry out regular inspections and resolutely close them down during legal holidays, rest days, winter and summer holidays.Strengthen the training and investigation of invisible variation, carry out special governance.At the same time, the main points are proposed to further improve the level of school homework design, after-school service and classroom teaching, improve the after-school service fund guarantee mechanism, broaden after-school service resource channels, and promote after-school service quality course resources.The Ministry of Education put forward the main points of work in 2022 to promote the all-round development of students’ physical and mental health.The first China Youth Football League was held, and preparations were made for the first National Student (youth) Games.We will strengthen efforts to promote the physical health of college students, and reduce the myopia rate of children and adolescents by 0.5 to 1 percentage point compared with 2021.In the aspect of aesthetic education, the main points of the work put forward to perfect the aesthetic education curriculum system linking universities and primary schools, strengthen the construction of aesthetic education teachers, carry out the action plan of infiltration of aesthetic education, and build a batch of studios of famous aesthetic education teachers.We will fully implement the key work points outlined by the Ministry of Education in 2022 for all students enrolled in nearby schools without taking examinations and for all citizens to enroll in the same schools, and promote the quality and balanced development of compulsory education.We issued opinions on building a quality and balanced basic public education service system, guided the work of creating a quality and balanced compulsory education at county level, and held experience sharing meetings on the quality and balanced development of compulsory education.Guidelines on developing collectivized schools.We will fully implement the policy of allowing students to enter local schools without having to take examinations and allowing all citizens to enroll in local schools on the same basis, and guide local governments in improving their school enrollment policies.Provide guidance to promote young join the pilot, start the implementation of the county managed to support the project In preschool education, the working points, further enhance the level of pre-school education popularization pratt &whitney, promote universality and resources across the county as the unit layout plan, strengthen this new urban population, the floating population concentration areas and the construction of rural kindergarten.We will guide local governments in carrying out trials to connect children with children and comprehensively improve the quality of childcare and education.In the area of regular high school education, we strengthened the construction of regular high schools in counties, implemented the 14th Five-Year Plan for the development and upgrading of regular high schools in counties, and launched the project to provide trusteeship and assistance to them.Reform of the examination and enrollment system will be actively and steadily promoted, according to the main work points of the Ministry of Education in 2022.We will push forward the reform of the senior high school entrance examination, encourage all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government to promote comprehensive reform of enrollment and enrollment, accelerate the realization of unified questions at the provincial level, and continue to organize and carry out evaluation of questions for the senior high school entrance examination.We will deepen the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, improve the content system of the comprehensive examination of morality, intelligence, physical education, beauty and labor, and strengthen the examination of students’ key abilities.The Ministry of Education proposed in 2022 to improve teacher management and pay guarantee.We will improve the policy on qualification examinations for primary and secondary school teachers.We will encourage local governments to strengthen the staffing of primary and secondary school staff.We will strengthen the guarantee of salary and benefits, raise allowances for teachers’ seniority, implement the policy on living allowances for rural teachers, gradually increase the benefits for rural teachers, and support poor and remote areas in improving their dormitories.Source: People’s Daily Political editor: Zhao Ping Proofread: Dong Liyan review: Liu Min