Zhang Yu, 54, will make a comeback to change her singing style.I met my wife when I was 12

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Taiwan media reported on January 25, 2022, the 54-year-old Zhang Yu announced that she would return to singing, and revealed that “three years ago, she announced that she would take an indefinite leave of absence because of a bad throat condition due to too much pressure”.Zhang yu will change her singing style after her comeback to avoid further throat injuries.Zhang Yu was born on April 30, 1967 in Taipei, Taiwan Province, China. His real name is Zhang Boxiang. He graduated from Feng Chia University, majoring in banking and Insurance.Student days began to sing home in the restaurant, was later discovered by CAI Zongzheng, his “good intentions” “Rain has been” “early” “the moon caused by the disaster”, etc., are familiar with the net friends of the songs, but also KTV singing rate is very high tracks.In June 2018, Zhang suddenly announced his “first indefinite leave of absence since he started his career”, with his agent responding that “he was just tired and wanted to rest”.I like Zhang Yu’s songs very much, and I still listen to them often now, accidentally revealing my age series?All the good songs of Zhang Yu are lyrics written by his wife Xiao Shiilang (Xiao Huiwen)?Details, xiaobian immediately parsing!Zhang Yu and his wife’s recent photos are all white hair like Zhang Yu’s songs, now still often listen to it, accidentally exposed age series?Look at the netizen comments, “this comeback is to sing or be a driver?” “My impression of him is still in Mars Intelligence Agency.” “G.E.M. has been called daughter-in-law by Zhang Yu in I Am a singer for nine years.His song is I go to KTV must order “” now the record is so hard to sell, the singer return feeling profit is not big” “tears eyes, finally wait for this day……I have loved the singer for more than 10 years “” Save the Chinese music community” “Wow!I like Zhang Yu’s songs very much and still listen to them often.Zhang Yu all good songs are his wife Xiao Shiilang wrote the words, accidentally exposed age series……”All of zhang Yu’s good songs were written by his wife Hsiao Shiilang?”I can always smile to play your supporting role, in your back of their own suffering, if you do not want to quit as soon as possible, I do not have to together to the old.I can not ask feeling to continue to please for love, coldly looking at your pride, if love is too difficult, don’t love as soon as possible, even if infatuation with your embrace, forget it “, Zhang Yu this song “early” we still remember?From his wife Xiao Eleven lang’s hand, his wife is really fierce, zhang Yu all good songs are basically his wife wrote the word, is really absolutely!Zhang Yu and his wife knew each other from the age of 12, and they began to fall in love at the age of 17. After marriage, Zhang Yu’s announcement fee was also managed by his wife. Zhang Yu did not know how much his announcement fee was, and every time the broker talked directly with his wife!Xiaobian point of view: Xiaobian really like Zhang Yu, “I am a singer” the second season cycle saw many times, to see what clothes he wears, you know what songs he will sing.I love his bitter rock. When I first played it, I played it with my classmates. Everyone joked that I liked uncle.Maybe many people do not know, in a long time ago he played a play, it seems to be called “Happy Enemies”, he played the eldest son Shirick, the theme song is he sang “The Rain keeps falling”, but said, “elder brother, you seem not old, I think it is the same as before…”I miss you so much, since the Mars Intelligence bureau, I rarely see the program about Zhang Yu, I’m so happy to see him come back, Brother Yu, sing more, ok?Xiaobian heart of the bitter song king!Zhang Yu, “The Rain Keeps Falling”