Weather forecast for Qingming Festival in 2022 in Linwei District

2022-05-16 0 By

According to the latest meteorological data analysis, linwei district is expected to be cloudy between sunny days to night tomorrow, the temperature of 7 ~ 21℃, 5 ~ 6 northerly wind;During the Qingming Festival, the area mainly cloudy weather, temperature slowly rise, forest fire meteorological level 5, is extremely dangerous.The specific forecast is as follows (08-08) : Date weather phenomenon Temperature (℃) Wind direction wind speed (m/ S) April 3 cloudy 10 ~ 23 easterly 2 ~ 3 level April 4 cloudy 13 ~ 26 westerly 2 ~ 3 level April 5 cloudy to clear day 13 ~ 27 westerly 2 ~ 3 level Linwei district meteorological station special notes:During the Qingming Festival, there is no effective precipitation, the temperature rises, the forest fire risk meteorological level is high, the atmospheric diffusion meteorological conditions are general.During holidays, there are more activities for people to go out to worship, so it is necessary to ensure the safety of people to go out and avoid fire accidents.In the near future, wheat in our area will enter the jointing and booting stage. As the temperature rises faster, we should seize the favorable weather and carry out spring irrigation.It is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control, and outdoor workers should take good precautions in epidemic prevention and control and nucleic acid testing.Source: Weinan Linwei District Meteorological Bureau editor: Li Qianqian