Panyu District will build an urban rice experimental field with Panyu characteristics

2022-05-15 0 By

In the middle of spring, spring ploughing is in season.Recently, dahetian Agricultural Park on Zhongcun Street presents a busy scene of spring planting:More than 190 mu of paddy fields were ploughing and field classification, drains and drones in the shuttle in the fields of circle low seeding, transplanter planting or move body thin, agricultural extension work in the field after a mechanization and artificial operation, vast gradually on the field, looking forward to the harvest season for pastoral, golden rice fragrance.In the second half of last year, dahetian Agricultural Park planted late rice.Dahetian Agricultural Park covers an area of 193 mu, located in the core area of Guangzhou South Railway Station and the middle of Chimelong Business Circle.Located in the east high speed and high-speed rail line vision, guangzhou city image window display area.Originally, the farmland was divided into scattered plots by roads and rivers, and the irrigation system was destroyed, making it difficult to grow crops in a large area.In the second half of last year, around the new development of our country ShiFanDai construction planning, beautiful rural scenery, farming culture, rich and unique folk customs, the development of industrial structure, ecological environment optimization, complete service facilities allocation for the construction goal, make with characteristic of panyu city rice field agriculture park, to promote rural revitalization.District bureau of agriculture and rural areas and village street, city planning and natural resource bureau of panyu branch, district water authority and other relevant departments together, the big hetian agricultural park construction as the clock hetian shui yun village street, the work of the new countryside ShiFanDai window to establish, by cleaning up the earth’s surface, divided, irrigation system, field, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) planting rice, hetian look brand-new.At the same time, the greening level around the park will be improved, and the riverside road of pingshan River will be upgraded to build a green road, along which will be planted purple windweed, crabapple and wedelia trilobata.In October last year, Dahetian Agricultural Park successfully opened to welcome visitors. The golden paddy fields, green tree-lined bidao and colorful wind lilies have become a beautiful scenery, attracting groups of citizens to play and experience the harvest activities.This year, Zhongcun Street big hetian agricultural park will absorb last year’s experience, constantly improve the management, planting early rice and late rice two seasons of rice, to create a citizen to enjoy the modern agricultural scenery “punch point”.Panyu is a traditional lingnan area land of fish and rice, attaches great importance to urban planning and construction of rice field, for the guangzhou panyu district city rice field construction management plan, the agriculture and the construction of new countryside ShiFanDai, global tourism demonstration area, plan this year in the construction of a batch of urban rice plots,Let people in the big city can also enjoy the rural scenery.Article/Photo: Panyu Rong media reporter Wang Hanwen and Jiang Leilei