Fujian signed zheqing scoring king, Shougang veteran formally bid farewell to the CBA, Shanghai recall no aid

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With the opening of the CBA transfer window, the target teams have also started to sign contracts and official announcements.After Guangdong Hongyuan became the first team in the league to sign former Defender Tang Jie, Fujian became the second team in the league to sign former scorer Sun Yansong of Zhejiang Chouzhou Youth League with a long contract.It is reported that Sun Yansong got a contract of 4 years and 5.5 months in Fujian Team. Compared with the contract of 1 year and 5.5 months in Tang Jie, it is a definitely long contract. It also shows that Fujian men’s basketball team attaches importance to Sun Yansong.Sun Yansong from Zhejiang Chouzhou Youth team, physical quality is relatively vigorous, once played the team scoring performance, and was selected to the National Youth men’s basketball team, personal strength and potential should be good.But after entering zhejiang thick state one team, he did not get coach Liu Weiwei’s trust from beginning to end, basically did not get what appearance opportunity, plus zhejiang thick state forward line has many young players, so he just sprout to leave the team to seek another way out of the move.And Chen Linjian is the only forward player in Fujian who is really good at scoring. In addition, there are no qualified forward players and no young players with cultivation potential. Therefore, Sun Yansong is likely to be trained as the successor of Chen Linjian in Fujian when they introduce him.But there is a doubt that Coach Zhu Shilong in Fujian is not very good at cultivating new players. I wonder if Sun Yansong can really find the second spring of his career in Fujian.Young players because there is the possibility of scraping the lottery, so more popular, while the veteran don’t have the potential to dig more easily eliminated by the team, as Beijing shougang veteran kuang xiang has reached a buyout, formal and now he has return to prepare for the World Cup qualifier in Taiwan, at the same time, he will return to Taiwan next season league, a farewell to the CBA league.Zhou has been in the CBA for nearly five seasons, playing for Nanjing Tongxi, Xinjiang And Beijing Shougang.It was because of his good performance in xinjiang in that season, with a strong offensive defense and an average of 41% three-point shooting percentage, that he was regarded as the best 3D player, which was also an important reason why Beijing Shougang was willing to offer him a high salary to join.However, in the past three seasons, Zhou yixiang’s performance on the court has been declining year by year. Not only has his 3-point shooting percentage dropped to the extent that it can’t be seen, but he also can’t block or catch up on the defensive end, completely losing his positive role on the court.Zhou yixiang’s condition is declining so quickly, on the one hand is the reason of injury and age, on the other hand and his personal lack of self-discipline is also some relationship, each offseason can be obvious to see his fat figure.As Beijing Shougang began to enter the transition period, the club has become more focused on the development of young players, such as Zhou Yixiang veteran of course become the first to be eliminated.However, Zhou Yi Xiang will return to the Bay Bay league will get and former NBA first pick Bennett teammates opportunity, career may be able to usher in a second spring!The Shanghai men’s basketball team, which recently announced the slogan of “winning the CBA Championship”, also made a new move in personnel adjustment, including the recall of yan Peng, a three-man international basketball player, which means the Shanghai team may forgo other acquisitions in this transfer window.Trading after the Shanghai team was quoted as saying he had been supposed to reinforcing the team’s attack lineup thickness, may after sweeping a circle in the free market, found no find the right players, and coach spring river chose to play basketball YanPeng, three people recall before how much to add a forward rotation player, is not under the reinforcing measures!After all, the younger Yan Peng should be a little more reliable than those veterans who are about to retire on the free market.From YanPeng Shanghai youth, in the CBA league has five seasons, but in order to be able to enter the national team last summer, he chose to play basketball, three people and was three men’s basketball team, the well in the Tokyo Olympic Games in the competition, three people back home again in the national games get a gold medal in men’s basketball team project, is not a fiasco.After the joining of li Chunjiang, the champion coach of this season, Yan Peng, who came back from the three-man men’s basketball field with great reputation, did not get the reuse and only got the chance to play in 3 games, which is related to the relatively sufficient manpower of the Front line of Shanghai team.Then Yan Peng was arranged by the club to go to the three-man basketball team again, and participated in the three-man men’s basketball Super League.After tests of most of the season, spring river found the sharks attack a group of veteran basic didn’t look too big effect, with small foreign aid Frey wear, no return to guest 3 Guo Haowen also injury, in order to hit a championship, he, under considering chose recall no three basketball tournament YanPeng temporarily, as another scratch lottery,What if we win the lottery?