A man in Guangdong province gave away more than 5 million yuan to his wife and his real estate, raising his child for eight years before discovering he was “happy to be a father”

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In 2010, a man surnamed Yu (pseudonym) from Shenzhen, Guangdong province, met a woman with whom he had an affair.Two years later, the woman gave birth to a daughter, and in order to compensate the mother and daughter, Yu spent more than 1.11 million yuan to buy a house for the woman, and registered it under the woman’s name.And, in the more than 10 years that they met, Yu gave the woman more than 5 million yuan.In 2020, Yu suspected for various reasons that his daughter was not his own, so he took a paternity test, which confirmed the speculation.In December of that year, Yu’s original wife sued her husband, his lover and their daughter to the court, asking for the return of all the purchase money and interest. After mediation agreement, the property was transferred to his wife, but this is not finished.In 2021, yu’s wife filed a lawsuit with the court again, demanding that her husband’s lover and his daughter return 5.47 million won and 1.81 million won in interest.After the trial, the court ruled that yu’s gift contract was invalid, and his lover and daughter needed to return the money yu gave them.However, due to the complexity of the matter, and the timeline of the gift is long, it is still being implemented.Things here, can be seen as the original husband and mistress of a perfect revenge.But the reverse soon came.In June 2021, Yu’s lover unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter, this time, it is indeed Yu’s biological daughter.However, the woman is not going to make it easy for yu and his wife, and has sued yu to the court for a lump sum payment of 6.48 million yuan.A third trial is currently scheduled for February 2022.What do you think?