I went to my boyfriend’s house for Chinese New Year, and I got “cyberbullying”

2022-05-13 0 By

This Spring Festival is my first time to visit my boyfriend’s home, but it is the third time to set foot in his home.We have been in love for three years. We have talked about marriage and betrothal price before.This Spring Festival, my boyfriend has a lot of family, and it is very lively. Every night, we stay up and watch the program together. It is already one or two o ‘clock in the morning when we rest.Since there was no farm work in the house, it was easy for everyone to sleep until they woke up naturally every day, which was about ten o ‘clock in the morning.When I left, I also received a red envelope from my boyfriend’s parents. Although it was not much, it was also their kindness. I was very happy to receive a red envelope.But to my sadness, I posted a micro headline that drew criticism from netizens.The topic was “sleeping in my boyfriend’s house until 11:00 and my boyfriend’s parents didn’t say anything. Am I being too bold?”I did not expect the following many comments really shattered my three views, do not know these comments of the netizens what mood.Although only we know how the day is going, my friends also advised me not to care about other people’s eyes, but I can’t help but care about it.It’s 2022 now. Why are some netizens still stuck in ancient times?Can’t you go to your boyfriend’s house for Spring Festival if you’re not married?# See the world in the headlines ## Celebrate the New Year at my boyfriend’s home #