Why Android is more sluggish than iOS: It takes up nearly 3 times more memory

2022-05-11 0 By

When it comes to Android and iOS, many people’s first impression is that Android is more sluggish. Even though Android flagship is equipped with more and more memory, it is still eaten up by apps.The same APP may take up three times more memory on Android than on iOS.Youtube tech blogger Gary Explain recently did this test. He compared the memory usage of different apps and games on iOS and Android platforms.Among apps, Android apps take up significantly more memory than iOS apps. Twitter takes up 100MB on iOS, but 366MB on Android, and eBay takes up only 69MB on iOS, but 300MB on Android.Of course, there are also some apps with a smaller gap. The two app stores have around 217MB and 235MB of content, but these are very few. Most apps have a gap of 2-3 times or even higher.This is not the case with game apps, where the difference in memory usage between iOS and Android is much smaller for all 8 games, and higher for some Android games, but not as multifold as for APP apps.In general, APP applications and games occupy different performance on iOS and Android. Games are native code, and there is not much difference between different platforms. However, the memory usage of APP applications is extremely different due to the different compilation methods of the two platforms.If the memory capacity is low, it will inevitably have problems such as lag.Source: Fast Technology