Snapdragon 888 old flagship big broadcast, 120W quick charge + pressure sensing screen, 12G+256G straight down 1200 yuan

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For game players can choose professional e-sports game mobile phone, they can bring you immersive gaming experience, e-sports phone also has many shortcomings, but at the same time, such as body too alternative appearance, feel is too thick, poor photo experience and so on, with this in mind, the main game experience iQOO solution are given,For example, iQOO7 was released early last year, and the price of 12GB + 256GB version has been reduced by 1200 yuan.IQOO7 has a number of advantages, let’s introduce them one by one. First of all, the appearance of iQOO7, we provide black mirror, latent blue and Legendary version, latent blue color is relatively common, we recommend you to choose the other two colors, the texture is great, delicate appearance iQOO7 has an excellent game experience, especially for FPS players.The iQOO7 will not disappoint.IQOO7 is equipped with 6.62-inch AMOLED hole-out straight screen, supporting 120Hz high brush, 300Hz sampling rate, 1000Hz instant sampling rate, HDR10+, 100%DCI-P3 color gamut and intelligent switching refresh rate technology. The screen has passed SGS eye Care certification and SGS Low Shadow certification.Looking at the OLED screen for a long period of time won’t hurt your eyes, but there’s also a bonus: it supports “screen down pressure”, which can be set to release different skills by pressing the screen with different force.IQOO7 image performance in the regular moments, if the price of last year to judge it, more than 4000 price than friends business in fact, but the level of photography, but to the current price of less than 3000 yuan to measure it, can be said to be very good, 48 million main +13 million ultra wide Angle +13 million portrait lens, support 2 times light change and 20 times digital sideburns,It’s a shame not to have 2 million lenses, not to mention an old snapdragon 888 flagship for location-based gaming experience.The iQOO7 has a built-in 4000mAh battery. To be fair, the battery capacity is a bit small. The Samsung S21 has a battery capacity of 4000mAh with a 6.2-inch screen.Therefore, iQOO7 battery life performance is not excellent, can only be said to be lower than the average level, but the charging power is up to 120W, can be fully charged in 15 minutes, if you often travel, or daily office often outdoors, not recommended for everyone to choose iQOO7.The iQOO7 has a built-in 4096 square millimeter heat plate, which is not too stressful to play such mobile games as Eat Chicken and King, but it is more difficult to play the original God. The body is very hot, of course, this can not be blamed on iQOO7, last year’s Snapdragon 888 phone is the same.The iQOO7 is also equipped with a dual alignment motor, one at the top and one at the bottom. The linear motor ADAPTS to multiple games, and the vibration feedback of the enemy motor varies depending on the orientation.Stereo double speakers, super linear large speakers and large tone cavity design, even without headphones can easily distinguish position.In terms of network experience, iQOO7 not only covers the top and bottom signals, but also has signal coverage on the side of the fuselage. No matter how you hold the signal with both hands, network delay will not be blocked.Now iQOO7 with 12GB + 256GB version has dropped from 4198 yuan to 2898 yuan, if you don’t need so much memory and storage, you can consider the 8GB version, but I personally recommend the top version, after all, the price is very cheap.In general, iQOO7 is an excellent game phone, but the appearance is the same as the mainstream phone, for the game experience has made a lot of optimization, but the disadvantage is poor battery life, if you can accept this shortcoming, then iQOO7 is definitely one of the current 888 phones worth missing.