Be a cute accessory that everyone is fighting to protect!

2022-05-11 0 By

For girls, why fight and kill? They should be cute and lovable.Said a lot of small white of the king’s advice before today will to discriminate the small make up front that is aimed at male players of our lovely female players certainly cannot be the same as them! So let’s me say girls how to play the small white king glory first 6 yuan for filling a hero named CAI wenji is this cute little blokes as for 6 yuan to, of course, is her boyfriend out of the moneyThe hero has many advantages, very cute, very cute cute ahem have other advantages besides lovely the hero three skills are both passive skills can also be h. h. so it’s not easy to die even accidentally walked to the opposite defense bottom can also run real fast map appears on a red and a blue monster is the two start after the han han to followTo kill the two HanHanDe teammates, of course, if you have one of the two heroes in your teammates to remember these two cheat despising the feelings of the man’s face don’t follow them because you can’t keep up if not help that man try not to rob his wild wild weird things if not careful robbed the fetch a primary, who is to blame a little cute? And then follow him everywhere he blood less open stood beside him little green circleIf he fight with others the little green circle circle of rhubarb together according to the medium in the play skills need not importune can empty is empty if the person is very strong that you can call the whole bureau followed him or to 8 minutes can go to find a striker hero this hero will tend to throw darts archery will play pistol or carry cannon basically play must be teammates too if you also loseIn addition, when walking side by side with your teammates through the grass, hit the grass with CAI Wenji’s two skills will make you look very, very like a master. Ok, let’s go to rank happily, ladies, pay attention to me to help you become an auxiliary goddess ~