330 units jointly create and build shibei District to deepen civilization and create new wind of conservation era

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Letter network February 2 news (correspondent Guo Xianhai reporter Du Gao burning) civilization, is the most beautiful beautiful background color of a city.Shibei District of Qingdao city, Shandong Province, with striving to be a model city of national civilization as its lead, has realized the simultaneous improvement of urban environment quality, citizens’ civilization quality and the atmosphere of civilization creation from the aspects of habit change, leadership and position construction.Behind the new trend of civilization on the 65.4 square kilometers of land in Shibei District, civilization has been imperceptibly implanted into the hearts of the masses, become a demonstration leading conscious action, and promote the deepening of resource integration activities.(source: Shibei District)11100 convenient information paste bar civilization imperceptible implant in the hearts of the masses “clean – post – clean – post…”Small advertising management, for many years has been to make city management departments and street, community staff is a headache.Qingdao City north district actively explore the new situation under the small advertising governance good policy, design and production of a set of “socialism with core values” “residents’ convention” and convenient information paste in one of the “convenient information paste bar”, has achieved a small advertising governance from chaos to governance become better obvious results.(source: Shibei District) Jump out of management to governance, make and post “convenient information paste column”, not only can show the elements of the city, but also can imperceptible core values and civilized behavior norms to the residents.Model to achieve the national civilized city as an opportunity, shibei distinguish three batch produced 11100 copies of “paste bar” for the convenience of information, through 22 street, 137 communities, widely posted to the whole community, LouYuan unit inside and outside the door, “convenient paste information bar” blank part is mainly used to paste the community notification, for the convenience of information, advertising,Provide a standard “living place” for the notices and advertisements that were originally cluttered and pasted on the door, corridor and wall.”The post board is uniformly set up in the eye-catching place of the first floor corridor. All kinds of notices for looking for things, community notices and payment notices are posted here. The small advertisements in the corridor have disappeared, and we like it very much.”Qingdao Shibei District Hefei Road street Jinsong Third road community residents zhang Dajie praised this.One square meter size of “convenient information paste column”, in grassroots social governance has played a big role, small advertising this “urban psoriasis” in the North district of The city shows a decreasing trend.From the weekly street data statistics, from the initial area units to clean up tens of thousands of small ads to thousands of now, “convenient information paste bar” is changing people’s habits, imperceptibly implanted civilization in the hearts of the masses.330 civilized units join hands to build a civilization to set an example and lead consciously take action Disorderly piles of debris in courtyards and corridors disappeared, electric bicycle lines were parked, and all kinds of communication cables were bundled into bundles.Many old buildings, such as Yard 24-38 wenzhou Road, Yard 86, 124 Ruichang Road, yard 5-7 Duchang Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, have taken on a new look. These achievements are inseparable from the participation of civilized units in the joint creation and construction of civilized city this year.(Source: Shibei District) The overall improvement of urban environmental quality, so that 1,097 million citizens in Shibei district feel the same way.Every Wednesday, on Saturday morning, the Qingdao shibei district party committee propaganda department, Qingdao shibei audit bureau, Qingdao blends together the wealth investment holding co., LTD., and other provinces, municipal civilized unit of cadres, arrive early LiaoNing Road street collection sites, each community and street, community volunteers to clean up the corridor to officials and the masses heap put sundry, clear corridor small ads,We will actively carry out joint efforts to build civilized cities.”Before we this building electric car disorderly parking, broken chairs, broken boxes disorderly pile, the corridor in the small advertising posted on the wall, all kinds of wire chaos, now good, the district, the streets of the organ cadres regularly clean, the building has become clean and tidy, we live here very comfortable.”Live in Qingdao city north District Wudi second road 8 courtyard Han Fangnuan brother happily said.The North District of Qingdao organized more than 330 municipal and district civilized units to participate in the joint creation and construction of civilized city. According to the principle of nearby convenience, efficient work and giving full play to their strengths, the units were divided into more than 200 traffic intersections, sections, communities, markets, shopping malls, stations and campuses in 22 streets of the district.Join hands with communities to participate in activities such as weeding out weeds, cleaning up small advertisements and guiding civilization, so as to make concerted efforts and resonate with the same frequency. Civilized units will lead the building of civilized model cities, play a leading role in demonstrating the new trend of civilization, and guide more units and residents to consciously participate in the building of civilization.”In the normal period of epidemic prevention and control, let’s join hands to lead the new fashion of garbage classification and develop the good habit of serving chopsticks and spoons…”Recently, in shibei District new Era Civilization Practice Lecture Hall, the theme activity of “Advocating civilized, healthy, green and environmental protection lifestyle in Qingdao in 2021” was held, which received the response of party members, cadres and citizens.Where the masses of the people are, the field of civilized practice will be built.Civilized practice extends wherever the masses demand.Qingdao Shibei District has promoted the promotion and upgrading of district-level new era civilization practice center and the standardization and standardization construction of civilization practice stations and stations. It has successively built and opened the first Qingdao Volunteer Square of 10,000 square meters and the first district-level New era Civilization practice Square in China, forming two major fronts of civilization practice volunteer service.Three pillars have been built: a lecture hall for civilization practice in the new Era, a wedding hall in the new Era, and an incubator base for volunteer service organizations. 160 civilization practice centers (stations and stations) in the region have become the main battleground for serving the people.180 municipal and above civilization units in the zone and 160 new era civilization practice centers (stations and stations) have been jointly built in pairs, and more than 6,600 civilization creation activities, such as volunteer service for civilization practice, have been conducted with various resources, and more than 300,000 residents have been directly involved.To practice and build a civilization is not to fight alone or start all over again, but to promote the organic integration and coordinated use of existing resources.In combination with the construction of the national model civilized city, The North District of Qingdao has set up more than 60 public service advertisement landscape sketches in provincial civilized communities, main and secondary roads, park squares, scenic spots and other scenic spots, and instructed all streets to transform buildings and improve the environment.We will build more than 40 squares, courtyards, alleys, corridors and walls that combine the practice of civilization in the new era with core values, and expand the social influence of the creation of spiritual civilization.