Latest US plans against Russia revealed!Germany caught in a dilemma, Blinken spoke out urgently

2022-05-10 0 By

Canada and the Czech Republic have expressed their support for Ukraine in the latest escalation of the Russia-Ukraine issue, and Germany is in trouble this time, reported.Although Germany and Ukraine are on the same side, the nord Stream 2 issue is still unresolved. Germany does not want to be too aggressive, but the United States has come out to “beat” Germany.On January 23, us Secretary of State Blinken said in an interview that he had “no doubt” Germany’s determination to side with Ukraine against Russia.This remark is actually a “beating” on Germany.The United States has always paid close attention to german-Russian relations.Us media believe that Germany’s restraint towards Russia is due to Germany’s dependence on Russian gas.In the interview, Blinken made clear that the United States and European countries are building up their defenses for Ukraine and that the United States wants to resolve the conflict through dialogue.Asked Germany’s attitude on the question of Russia and Ukraine, blinken first affirmed the German with Ukraine stand firm, the common fight against Russia’s determination, and then, blinken said he was just with the German President scholz for up to 1 hour of communication, Germany and the United States have the same concerns, he no doubt.A few days ago, Blinken held talks with the Russian Foreign Minister. Russia once again raised its request to limit THE expansion of NATO, and the US promised to reply in writing as soon as possible.Mr. Blinken explained in an interview that the written response was just a more clear way to talk to Russia and the United States about advancing collective security.The US has recently been caught in talks with governments and companies in Europe, North Africa and elsewhere to develop a “global strategy” for gas to rid Europe of a threat to gas supplies from Russia.The strategy is at an early stage, with Norway and Qatar currently involved in negotiations.A U.S. official said the strategy was designed to reassure Allies that use Russian gas that they would not suffer huge losses in gas supplies if they sided with the U.S.But is America really so kind?In fact, the United States has a little mind of its own.The United States does not want Russian gas to dominate the market, ostensibly claiming that it will lead to the subordination of European Allies to Russia, when in reality, Russian gas supplies prevent the United States from cornering the market and selling high-priced gas to Europe.The United States has been closely watching Nord Stream 2.Earlier, German President Scholz said that nord Stream ii should not be used as a bargaining chip in the Russia-Ukraine issue.However, Mr Scholz reversed himself recently, saying Germany could halt the gas pipeline project if Russia invaded Ukraine.The change in German attitudes also reflects divisions within Germany over gas supplies and attitudes towards Russia.Is Germany really willing to stand up to Russia and accept high prices for American gas?