Eldest brother in order to show off the Keys to the Mercedes car, deliberately stuffed pants

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Mercedes Benz and BMW used to be luxury brands that ordinary people could not expect, and we were far away from these cars.But now bbAs are so common that they can be seen on the streets and in neighborhoods.Being able to buy a Mercedes or a BMW is not something to boast about, but some people are proud of buying a Mercedes and will show their car keys when they leave the house.Recently, the story of a big brother in Shandong province showing off the keys to his Mercedes Benz went viral online.Video posted online shows a man in a high-end luxury cotton padded jacket walking in at the door of a restaurant.At first everyone ate noisily and paid no attention to the new man.Just this eldest brother’s dress up is too alternative really, let a person cannot ignore him.He was spotted tucking a thick padded coat down his trousers, revealing his belt and car keys.The eldest brother took a look around the store, attracting everyone’s attention wherever he went.The key on the man’s waist would also shake when he was walking. On a closer look, everyone found that it was a Mercedes Benz key, and there was only one key on his key chain.Seeing the big brother’s car keys, everyone finally knew the purpose of his dress.The original owner is to deliberately show their car keys, let everyone know their economic strength.However, although the eldest brother wears a down jacket of tens of thousands of yuan and drives a Mercedes Benz car worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, it makes people feel native because of this dress.Some netizens could not help but ridicule the poor thinking caused by the disaster.Many people didn’t have enough money to buy luxury cars.Suddenly rich wish to let everyone know that his life has become better, buy high-end luxury goods, clothes, watches, luxury cars, when going out, also want to expose all the labels of these things, so that people can see these symbols of economic strength of the goods.However, there is an old saying in China that “wealth should not be exposed”. The truly rich do not reveal everything. Instead, they keep a low profile and dress modestly when they go out.Just like many tuhao in Guangdong, his family has tens of millions of assets, but they never show off their wealth, wearing a hurdle vest, on a pair of slippers to go out.What kind of guy wears his car keys on his belt?The first type is a competitive person.Everyone has the spirit of keeping up with the Joneses. Seeing that others have bought a car, they must also buy a car. If the car they buy is more expensive than others, the owner will feel very satisfied and deliberately high-profile when going out.Number two, for convenience.Unlike girls, boys will carry their bags when they go out. They can put car keys, mobile phones, bank cards and other items in their bags.Sometimes there are no pockets on the clothes, and it is very inconvenient for the owner to reach for both the phone and the car keys.I’d buy a key chain and clip my car keys to my waist.Comments: everyone’s idea is not the same, some people like high-profile, they have what valuable things, want to let everyone see.Some people keep a low profile and don’t want to show it, even if they have money.This big brother is probably one of those high-profile people who likes to show off when he has money and let everyone know he has bought a Mercedes.What do you think about that?