Want to be “hua Mulan” want to take an examination of these, Hubei province enlist female youth concentration physical examination

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Photojournalist Chen Qian Photojournalist Liu Zhongcan want to be a valiant PLA woman soldier?In addition to the routine inspection, but also on-site physical fitness assessment.On February 19, jimu News reporters at the first People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District in Wuhan saw young female candidates in Hubei province undergo a centralized physical examination. After the physical examination, they also had to perform standing long jump and sit-ups.More than 100 young women, mostly from universities in Wuhan, underwent physical examination on The 19th.Liang Dan, a sophomore in Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, said that some of her high school classmates joined the army, which touched her a lot and she also hoped to exercise herself in the army.Because of her major, Liang has been exercising every day to prepare for being drafted into the army, and when asked which military she hopes to join, she said without hesitation, “Choose the Air force, because it’s cool!”Peng Xiling of Wuhan Textile University is the only child in her family. When she heard that she wanted to join the army, her parents were afraid that she would run away from the army because I have never suffered hardship since I was a child.Let Peng Xiling initiation the idea, is a retired from military school senior, Peng Xiling, said the senior 3 big wearing camouflage for their recruitment propaganda speech, in her eyes feel senior “are all illuminated,” that is her decision, want to go to the army, “although it might be hard to force, but people can insist on down, I can!”Among the young women attending the physical examination was Pan Zhao, a student majoring in broadcasting and hosting from Wuhan University of Media and Communication.She said many of her friends said it was a pity that she wanted to join the army because it takes a lot of money, energy and time to pass the entrance exam for broadcasting and hosting.But Pan Zhao said, with the experience of being a soldier, a lifetime will not regret, and broadcasting and hosting, at any time can do it again.Pan zhao’s uncle was also a soldier, and her idea of joining the army was also supported by her mother. “If I have to choose, I still want to go to the Navy, because the navy uniform looks good!”Pan zhao said with a smile.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.