Baoding City urban management law enforcement bureau to huaiyin district inspection city management work

2022-05-07 0 By

In the morning of February 11th, Director Zhang Xiaofeng of Baoding City Urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau and 47 people came to Huaiyin District to inspect and exchange urban management work.Qin Guofen, deputy director of Jinan Urban Management Bureau, Xiao Bo, member of the Party group of Huaiyin District government, huaiyin District Urban Management Bureau, the main responsible comrades of the relevant streets accompanied the observation.The delegation first came to Yuyuan community, zhongda street, and visited the garbage classification demonstration of the open community.Observing the scene, Liu Yunxiang, secretary of yuyuan Community Party Committee, national March eighth red flag bearer and deputy of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, explained the working method of garbage classification.The investigation team learned about the daily work by watching garbage classification videos, viewing garbage classification files, watching classification points on site, and communicating with the bucket supervisor in the community.Later, the delegation came to Impression Jinan, inspected the construction of chengguan love station, “Spring snow hidden” intelligent public toilet, visited the poetry corridor of eran-themed cultural Park, and experienced the intangible cultural heritage culture.Finally, the delegation came to jianning Road south Xinkang park, view the road cleaning mechanization demonstration daily operation process and “the most beautiful public toilet” intelligent public toilet and other public facilities construction, and listened to huaiyin district public toilet management and integration of cleaning work.Delegation to HuaiYin District city management to give high praise, and said that through this learning exchange activities, to use for reference the experience of HuaiYin District good practices, in combination with the practical situation of baoding, combing the problems existing in the work earnestly, to mark the table, improve the degree of fine management of the city and at the same time hope to strengthen communication, have fueled a dual urban management work to a new level.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Jian report)