Stomach bilges, it is liver depression more!Small prescriptions are commonly used in Traditional Chinese medicine to treat depression anger type stomach distension

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The theoretical basis of this article: “basic theory of Traditional Chinese medicine”, “Tibetan image of Traditional Chinese medicine” Hello, I am a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, small medicine doctor.Today in this article, I will talk to you about depression type stomach bloating.This is a common phenomenon.In life, there are a large number of such people, long-term low mood, easy to get excited and angry.Depression anger, stomach distension, loss of appetite, abdominal distension.Chinese medicine has a solution for this situation.I’ll tell you a real case story, you’ll see.There is a woman surnamed Zhang, 43 years old.First diagnosis was made on March 19, 1984.What’s going on?In the last week the troubles at home and at work had made her very unhappy, and often filled her with anger and resentment.In her own words, she was disliked at home and ostracized at work.So she became ill.What’s the matter?Bulging belly.Especially stomach, the feeling of fullness is very strong, can not eat, also do not know hungry.I’m not happy.Restless.The phenomenon of distention continued for several days, and she had to see a Chinese doctor.Who are you looking at?I have always respected the elder tung Chee-hwa.Engraved diagnosis, Dong shi saw the patient’s pulse is thin and weak, the tongue coating white slippery.After understanding the cause of the disease, Dong Shi recommended her to boil water with lotus bean powder.One dose a day, one pack at a time.What was the result?The patient got the prescription and went back to take it.It’s been a long time since.Finally, one day, This patient came to See Dong Shi for something else.Dong shi asked, abdominal distension good?The patient first one leng, wanted to think, this just smile way: “you say last time that distension abdomen?I’m all right now, four doses, I can hardly remember…”.This is the basic story of a medical case.In 2001, relevant departments organized and compiled a series of books to record the famous clinical experience and clinical experience of TCM in the past hundred years.I had the privilege of seeing the manuscript.The case of Dong Shi is recorded among them.So let me break it down for you.In fact, the problem of this female patient, the teacher said before, it is typical liver and stomach.So-called liver stomach disharmony, refers to liver qi stagnation, affect the stomach qi tong drop, make a qi stagnation.Liver depression qi stagnation, it is patient mood is depressed, depressed anger, unhappy and come more.So this kind of patients, often have emotional abnormalities.The gas disharmony of liver wood can bring disaster to spleen soil.The fluctuation of spleen and stomach qi is abnormal, and the stomach qi rises instead of falling, so the patient will have stomach distension, belching, loss of appetite and stomachache.Such a phenomenon, in today’s middle – aged, especially white-collar personage especially see.The unhappy in the home, the unhappy on the job, superposition together, liver qi makes stomach, liver stomach is disharmony, form all sorts of diseases.This kind of person’s pulse, or thin, or string and weak.Tongue coating, or thin white, or white greasy and slippery.The patient in the medical case mentioned above had weak pulse and smooth tongue coating, which was caused by the biochemical deficiency of qi and blood and the accumulation of phlegm and dampness after the spleen and stomach suffered from gram.What about this time?It is necessary to soothe the liver, regulate qi, and reduce stomach reflux.Liver on one side, stomach on the other, both have to be managed.Let’s look at the compatibility used by Dong Shi at that time. This compatibility is mainly composed of ginseng, roxburgh rose, hawthorn, wolfberry and cordyceps militaris.Dong Shi is the treatment of qi stagnation syndrome, especially like a prescription.Among them, roxburgh rose soothes liver and qi, Hawthorn soothes qi and stomach, and ginseng soothes phlegm and removes dampness.On this basis, plus blindly cordyceps militaris, warm in the deficiency.So that’s the basic idea.Here, I hope that often mood depression, stomach distension discomfort, loss of appetite, can pay attention to this side.When necessary, it can be used for reference, addition and subtraction under the guidance of TCM differentiation.Professional reader friend, you to dong Shi’s medication law, also should draw lessons from.All right.That’s all I can tell you about it.I hope you can know more about the methods and ideas of harmonizing liver and stomach through this article.