“Worldly” original work: Zheng Juan to repay kindness put low posture, help Zhou Bingkun tide over difficulties, too poke heart

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Article/small air feel from the heart, Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan’s love, although there are obstacles, but there are endless sad.Zheng Juan is generous and good-hearted.The key is a heart in bingkun.She did not beg for sudden luxuries and mercy.In The Taiping Hutong, her “unknown” secret makes people feel distressed.At first, Zhou Bingkun sent money to find her home, a face of anger, the root cause is related to tu Zhiqiang “enemy” produced great hostility.Strange men suddenly sent unknown things, Zheng Juan felt shame.Money is a good thing, not something to be given away at will.Zhou Bingkun broke into, disturb her heart.She was at first vacant and distant.For it is not to be given by another without proof.However, Zheng Juan’s icy appearance, sooner or later to be moved.After the death of Zheng mother, Nannan can not eat milk powder, life lost, Zhou Bingkun as always send warm.”The world” original work, zhou home in trouble, Zheng Juan zhou home that two years, had to tread on thin ice.She was still busy taking care of all the children in her family.Zheng Juan’s kindness, compassion is destined to be wronged, there are worries do not tell.In zhou Bingkun in prison for half a year, to do the utmost, she learned massage skills with Chunyan, take care of Feng Yue like their children.Zheng Juan moment for the sake of others, and then difficult experience, swallowed alone.Fate had been soft and kind enough to her.When Debao couple, Zhou Bingkun friends know her and bingkun affection, and to her regardless of name, the zhou family as its own thing, awe.1 do not ask for return, place yourself to come, in return for grace put down zhou Rong Feng Huarong two glorious deeds, Zhou Bingkun listened to Guo Cheng narrative, not a word to describe the mother.He thought that such incidents, mother heard, as usual angry, not sudden cerebral hemorrhage, unconscious, originally wanted to discuss countermeasures, after all, they are family, disaster is approaching, of course, we should work together to find a way.Zhou Bingkun panic, had known so, should not be more this mouth.My father’s advice remained tight-lipped until his workmate left.The great change in the home, let him instantaneous loss.He was an eight-foot man, the pillar of the Zhou family, and the sudden change was suffocating.His mother’s illness in bed was a temporary addition to his worries.Those days, Bingkun left and right thinking, can not ignore.He asked for leave from the factory and was completely dejected.He had something to do with his mother’s serious illness.The next day, he took his granddaughter Yue Yue outside, met Zheng Juan.Zheng Juan looked like a man haggard into this appearance, the heart is sad.She said: I have an idea, I don’t know whether it can be done.Her tone was too reserved for her.At this point, Zhou Bingkun in the mind of the home is fragmented, determined to carry a person.After psychological struggle and friend sister’s refusal, knocked on zheng Juan’s door.Perhaps the promise of fate, when Zheng Juan duty-bound stop “heavy work”, Zhou Bingkun feel very embarrassed, casually said: you go to take care of two children, a patient, nan how to do, the box certainly paste not.I pay you money, two people said to spread out the past, Zheng Juan’s words of gratitude, sincere eyes to Zhou Bingkun hit a flu shot, she went to Zhou, reasonable.And not afraid of gossip, she is afraid of their arrival will not bring support for the week.Do not ask for return, come alone, for zhou’s second son filial piety.Zheng Juan opened a language, Zhou Bingkun moved to tears.In Zheng Juan’s mind, “put down face” to the week home is her gratitude.She did not resist the reason, the ZHENG Juan in the TV drama than the original zheng Juan live to have character, she dare to love dare to hate, later in the half a year, she played the traditional virtue, take care of the week mother in every possible way.Before chow went to prison, he confessed everything that might happen.In the original work, there is a psychological description of him holding her tenderly in his arms.He had not been kind to her for a long time, felt her body tremble in his arms, felt that he was really a husband away, and that she was really his beloved wife.Zheng Juan think, bingkun can accept her in the week home nanny is also a blessing to repair.In the past, my brother and I had to sell popsicles and tanghulu from morning till night when my adoptive mother was still alive.Here we are at Chow’s, no pressure.Why this different feeling?First of all, Chow bingkun finally had something to beg her, she did not owe that kindness.Obviously, Zheng Juan is happy to be immersed in them in that time, the child can not go up “black household registration” woman, who accept insult to the family style, week home is helpless choice.No good people are willing to solve their urgent need, Zheng Juan with her act of kindness has moved Chunyan, light word piece of the old folks.Bingkun not at home years, we looked at all the family fell on such a thin, beautiful heart woman, deep respect.Secondly, to love, exposed to the eyes of the world, willingly.She did not want to zhou Bingkun into a passive atmosphere zheng Juan and Zheng Guangming live in place, taiping Hutong isolated.Almost every child born here has no hukou.Life is hard, so long as you’re well fed and warm you don’t have to think about long-term survival.Zheng Juan recalled: mother died, entrust the child to send, if not alive, early arrangements.In Zhou Bingkun, in order to the victims of the family to beg her, she said every word.With some trepidation and sincerity, she made the right decision.Regardless of the world eyeball, “widow identity”, help Zhou Bingkun solve the difficulty, onto the public comment area.It was clear that this choice had undergone psychological torture in her thin consciousness.Completely unexpected, Zheng Juan in Zhou Bingkun not in the time, endured how much criticism?Her great wisdom concealed her selfless love for the Zhou family.Although she appears to be flexible and flexible, zhou Bingkun is not at home, no one can do her umbrella and rely on.Her “difficulties” are revealed, and she tries to change the situation.But it was a long day. She waited and waited like a century.Zheng Juan did not make also did not hate.The hot discussion about the neighbor of the light chip does not care about her “status, status”.A disregarded appearance, what she wants to do is to let Zhou home return to the comfort of the past, zhou mother woke up, one family Hehemumu.When Chow returned, the family could have normal interpersonal communication.3 weal and woe of the feelings of enduring as the universe, this lifetime lucky “the world” original, Liang Xiaosheng used a large number of words to describe zheng Juan in the Zhou family “sad” life.This was born to hurt the woman, like a straw to hold up half the sky, kind of her, never feel injustice for the Zhou family, on the contrary, it is reasonable, she understand again tired, uncomfortable, etc., to zhou Bingkun’s home.From beginning to end, her noble soul makes the man who loves her feel bad.Zhou Bingkun in front of his friends: zheng Juan not to marry, she is our zhou’s benefactor, this half a year, Zheng Juan did not spend bingkun passbook, she spent the money to foster mother.Look at that. A woman of many lives.In the original, Zheng Juan in order to let Zhou Zhigang suspicious, posing as bingkun tone to write a letter for peace, only for peace.Zheng Juan said to bingkun you week home every sum of money spent to have somewhere to go, my money is reported to you before the kindness.The so-called pay only return, life is originally to give and gain, but too much to others, on the contrary, there will be negative response.We from birth to decide to spend a lifetime with that person, in fact, is the fate and fate.Importunate comes not sweet, malicious plunder sooner or later become empty talk.Zheng Juan is a self-respecting, decent woman.She will not have “malicious” feelings for anyone, she did not have much pursuit, the heart would like to be good to Zhou Bingkun heart and soul.As for whether Chow bingkun can marry her, that is another topic, god let them together, have their own fate.