The Working Committee of Departments directly under the CPC Municipal Committee organized the viewing of the red theme movie “Flying Snow to Welcome Spring”

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On February 11, municipal party committee of the party working committee organization each party committee member, difficulty of party members, probationary party member and party activists free red film “snow winter jasmine”, further enhance the patriotism emotion, incentives to mobilize the broad masses of party members and cadres and the masses accept spiritual baptism, cultivate moral sentiment, the power of faith belief from the faith.Probationary party member Shi Huan: finished reading “flying snow to welcome spring”, the name of a revolutionary martyr circled in my mind for a long time, they wrote a solemn and stirring song of faith with blood and life!Live in a peaceful age although we no longer use shed, song of their tragic to compose their own beliefs, also need to use a stick, a dedication to strive for the cause of our party, as a probationary party member, in work and life in the future, we must stick to the party’s ideal, conservative secret, struggle for the cause of the party’s life time.Probationary Party member Xue Qi:Snow winter jasmine is in our great revolution yanan smaller city red film shoot, as a smaller one, I am moved by the film content, we have countless revolutionary martyrs shed their blood, before the return us today was born in a peaceful age, as a probationary party member, we will always stick to the party’s ideal and faith,Do not forget the original aspiration, not to enlighten, disciplined, brave burden to be a new man of The Times.Reporter | Yang Jie editor | Zhang Long | Cheng Zheng Wang Ping production | Li Hongmei Xue Jinping © Zichang Rong media