Changrongli community to celebrate the Lantern Festival series of themed activities

2022-05-04 0 By

On the afternoon of February 14, The Lantern Festival activity was held in Changrongli community, Xinhuanlu Street, Jinchuan District.On the spot, the children in the company of their parents carefully made lanterns, and in a short time, colorful materials became yizhan-lanterns in various forms, dajiale in my heart, beaming.The old people sit together to make tangyuan. They work together to knead glutinous rice flour, fill the stuffing, wrap and boil tangyuan, and put their own dishes on the table. They are very busy.In the gap, we actively participated in the “guessing lantern riddles” activity, the scene was happy.At the same time, the community staff visited the families in difficulty, some of the old party members, will be yuanxiao sent to the elderly home, wish the elderly health and longevity, family reunion.