Admission score of Hangzhou Normal University in 2021

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Hangzhou Normal University is one of the key universities in Zhejiang Province. It is a comprehensive university with traditional normal education, equal emphasis on liberal arts and science, and coordinated development of humanities and social sciences and natural sciences.The university’s predecessor can be traced back to The Zhejiang Provincial Normal School, one of the six national normal schools, which was founded in 1908. In 1978, Hangzhou Normal College was established. Around 2000, hangzhou Education College and other five schools were merged into hangzhou Normal University, and in 2007 it was renamed Hangzhou Normal University.Hangzhou Normal University in 2021 by province admission score line (some provinces and some majors, please leave a message)Welcome to collect!——————– welcome you to actively forward and collect, but also welcome you to continue to pay attention to Miss Zhang’s headline number!