Who is more difficult to race sitting, lying down or lying down?

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At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, bobsled, steel bobsled and bobsled events will be held at the National Bobsled Center, with an average speed of over 100 kilometers per hour.All three races are on the same track, and many people can’t tell one from the other.Generally speaking, “lying down racing” is sled, “stomach racing” is steel sled, “sitting racing” is sled.Which is more difficult to play lying down, on your stomach or sitting down?Luge originated in Switzerland and northern Europe. It is a sport in which athletes lie on the luge body and control the luge with the help of coordination of all parts of the body.To start, the athlete sits on the sled and pushes back with both arms to gain acceleration.After the start, the athletes use feet in front of the head, lying on the sled, through superb driving skills to complete the slide.The center of gravity and Angle need to be adjusted when turning, and strive for the shortest time to turn, while maintaining the speed and smooth slide momentum.In contrast, sledding equipment is “simple”, only for the athletes to sit or lie on the sled, there is no steering rudder or brakes equipment.Steel sled is also called “ice dive machine”.The athlete starts in a standing position and gains starting speed by running.Then slide headfirst down the track on a steel sled.In sliding, the athlete must use the body to control the direction, along the curved slide to complete the race.With a top speed of 135 km/h, steel bobsled racing is highly technical and challenging.The sport was so dangerous that it only appeared at the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics before becoming a regular sport again in 2002.Snowmobiles, as the name suggests, are closer to the shape of “cars”.The body is made mainly of steel and carbon fiber materials, with two sets of independent sliding steel blades on the bottom. The helmsman can steer the sled through a pulley system controlled by two handles inside the car, and brakes are fitted at the rear.After accelerating at the starting point, the athlete jumps into the sled and heads for the finish line.The snowmobile is the fastest of the three events, with a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour, making it the “F1” of snow and ice sports.Luge, steel sled, sled three events, all need gravity as a sliding power, so the weight of equipment and athletes are the key factors affecting the results of the competition.All three races are very difficult and all seek to finish the race in the shortest time.Source | yangcheng evening news.Guangzhou sent coordinating editor | Hao Haoyu