Meet season: this 3 points is ning yu and Hao Qinglin divorce reasons, love and do not love the difference is too big

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Lead language “marriage is not you unilaterally open relief station!To have a wife who is better than you in every way is your fault! ‘In the “meet the season”, annual salary of 2 million strong woman Ning Yu, the office is worshipped by the financial director, at home to buy rice, cooking, tutoring son to write homework, cleaning up the housework and so on, both beautiful flowers, and can make money to support the family, typical “got hall, also got the kitchen” good daughter-in-law!Ning excuse such a “perfect” wife, but because “too capable”, was abandoned by her husband!Husband Hao Qinglin cheated on her husband and was “divorced”!Bestie luo yi warned ning yu: “marriage is not your unilateral relief station”, ning yu does not need to compromise, everywhere a tolerance not as good as their husband!Ning yu put the marriage when relief station, willing to tolerate weak Hao Qinglin for a lifetime, but the other side does not receive in the sixth set, when Hao Qinglin committed economic crimes, facing huge compensation, “Mother wife” ning yu incredibly feel: so away, sorry in-laws, want to bear the debt with her husband!Bestie luo a return by ning excuse “kind” gas to not, directly curse!”Do you want the truth?You made the mistake of marrying this man!Two years ago, when he cheated on you and you didn’t get divorced, that was a big mistake!Hao Qinglin is a naive and selfish man with a confused brain. He is a child who has not been weaned and can’t get up if he falls when he walks. He can only kneel on the floor.Whether it is knowledge, vision, spirit, pattern level, which of his can match you?””What is marriage?Marriage is: two people cooperative management, not you unilaterally open relief station, you two essential gap is too big, perhaps when young, can rely on family background, educational background to cover up;But middle-aged people, have experienced the great waves of society, who can deceive who ah?You are willing to endure forever, to approach forever, but he is not balanced!He thinks that everything you do is wrong, a wife who is better than him in every way, your existence is all wrong. Two years ago, you were not willing to stick to this marriage, because you felt humiliated, and others were influenced by it. You are deceiving yourself…”Ning yu listens to Luo Yigui’s words, very afflictive, ask oneself continuously: I do wrong what?Ning yu with bestie luo Yigui said, Hao Qinglin said: he came to this step today, all because of ning yu.Ning yu does not understand, since she married Hao Qinglin, has been working hard, trying to make money to support the family, several sets of houses, 2 cars are ning yu a person to work hard to earn!To put it plainly, Hao Qinglin is just a soft rice, ning yu oneself have not complained about Hao Qinglin did not make money to support the family, Hao Qinglin and what qualifications complain about ning yu?So, ning yu to bestie Luo Yigui vomit bitterness: his more than ten years of hard work this home, but the results of the husband’s betrayal, derailment…”The only thing you did wrong was to marry him,” luo said. “It was wrong to choose such a man.”Ning yu oneself is willing to endure life’s disappointments, but Hao Qinglin is not willing to, the essence of the gap between the two people is too big, and not ning yu oneself is willing to stick to, you can live peacefully.In the face of a better than his wife ning yu, Hao Qinglin psychological balance.Although Hao Qinglin do wrong things, with ning yu also has no relationship, but stand in an objective point of view, can also understand Hao Qinglin “unwilling”!Ning yu too strong, deprived hao Qinglin “the head of the family” of male dignity, first of all, although the pursuit of equality between men and women in modern society, but in fact the true sense of equality is just lip service, the reality of more families and social opinion, “man is the head of the family” is more likely to be the default and accepted by most people.Ning yu with his annual salary of 2 million, bear all the economic expenses at home, in many things are mercilessly replaced Hao Qinglin as the master of the family status, ignore Hao Qinglin as a husband’s feelings, let Hao Qinglin lost the man should have self-esteem.Because for a long time, big and small things in the home, such as: buying a house, buying a car, children on what training classes are not discussed with Hao Qinglin, by ning Yu direct master, develop hao Qinglin submissive, he dare not master, no independent character!Hao Qinglin suppressed for a long time, too much on the other hand, as the saying goes, “good,” Hao Qinglin has long been the strength of the touch control, inner extreme distress, before ning tai Hao Qinglin find himself as a man should be “achievement”, hence to career achievement, recognised by ning yu, so begin to hide from ning tai secretly outside investment, investment failure,Broke the law and ended up in jail!Ning yu is too strong, will let yourself tired, lack of communication between husband and wife said again, in fact, the woman is too strong, will let yourself become tired!Ning yu since marriage, everything is in charge of their own, encounter difficulties are always on their own shoulders, never take the initiative to tell Hao Qinglin about their plight!Because in ning yu view, Hao Qinglin is too weak, even with him said, he did not have the ability to help yourself, it is better to save energy to find a way to solve their own!Therefore, ning yu lived very hard, always feel that no one at home for him to share, she did so much but not for Hao Qinglin’s understanding, respect, even thanks, feel Hao Qinglin ungrateful!In other words, perhaps in ning yu’s view, her strength is forced by Hao Qinglin!But in fact: Hao Qinglin is really not willing to take on family responsibilities?No, just married, Hao Qinglin also have to work hard and make money for the family together, everyone’s ability is limited, only Hao Qinglin high salary didn’t ning yu, coupled with better touch itself used to independence, he doesn’t like to discuss with person, used to own, cause they don’t pay attention to the communication between husband and wife, more and more differences!Write in the final summary, ning yu “too strong”, make yourself tired, the final marriage also broken, tell us: as a woman, sometimes to learn to rely on her husband, appropriate to do a small woman, in marriage to be able to live comfortably!The woman is too strong, not only easy to let the husband lose dignity, but also easy to cause the husband to produce rebellious psychology, at the same time, also let oneself produce fatigue to marriage!