Do you think all the new trailers for Doctor Strange 2 are fake?

2022-05-03 0 By

The recent rumors about Doctor Strange: The Madness of the Multiverse are pretty crazy, but how much of it is true is anyone’s guess.After the experience of Spider-man: Homecoming, it seems that many fans think they can believe anything.A new trailer for Strange 2 was just released, and it’s pretty informative.But have any friends dared to imagine that many of the previews are false?For example, some careful people have noticed that the two scenes between Wanda and Kiki are most likely illusions.While Marvel has a habit of deceiving people with teasers, the campaign hasn’t been bold enough to make everything fake.So this time, it’s not going to be big Dan, is it?The second trailer, however, confirms some of the previously leaked plots on Reddit.The crazy rumors still continue after the release of the trailer, not true, but you can see first and judge for yourself.1. Marvel wants more X-Men back, but not in Strange 2.2. James McAvoy is not in Strange 2, and there were never any plans to include him.Uncle Hugh really didn’t want to come back, at least not yet.Strange 2 isn’t Wanda the zombie, it’s Just Wanda the crazy one.As we all know, once more rumors, rumors of the relevant actors in the interview, will be asked.Ryan Reynolds recently denied that he was involved in Strange 2.Now there’s Sir Patrick Stewart, who played the elderly professor X in the X-Men films.At one minute and 18 seconds into the latest trailer for Strange 2, a voice says, “We should tell him the truth.”That voice, that’s Pat’s voice, isn’t it?!!!!!!!!!In a recent interview with ReelBlend’s Kevin McCarthy, Papay talked about his rumored return in Strange 2.”I don’t really follow social media, it’s mostly a matter of time.But, I must say, before I went to bed on Sunday night, I talked to a lot of people, friends and people I barely knew, and it was all ‘Is that you?!'” You know, I’m just at home waiting to watch the Super Bowl, so how could it be me?So we’ll have to see, won’t we?”As for the specific question of whether his voice is heard in the trailer, the man told ComicBook that it was someone imitating his voice.”You know, people have been imitating my voice ever since I came on stage 60 years ago.So, I can’t be responsible for that.”So, is this newspeak following Garfield’s “I’m not I wasn’t there was Photoshop” denial?If so, then pa ye’s response is too sophisticated hahaha.But if he’s not there, marvel’s run is pretty bad.Doctor Strange: The Madness of the Multiverse will be released in North America on May 6.