Why are you trying so hard to live your life and then living it so badly?Don’t lie to your emotions

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Article | love sauce son Beijing daxing a girl after more than half a month of overtime in a row, very not easy to leave a little early in her birthday that day, but on the web about car on the way, after suddenly called back to the company to work overtime.Originally the mood is very good girl, can not restrain the depression in the heart, in the car directly collapse to cry.”I have been working overtime for more than half a month, and then let me go back” “MY birthday today, very not easy to work a little earlier, they let me go back” “Unicom and the bank sent me a message, wish me a happy birthday, other people did not say happy birthday……”We all have such experience, as Fu Seoul described: “Adult unhappiness is not as simple as dropping a lollipop, it is a continuous state, will be suppressed for a long time, suddenly burst!”There are always many subjects in life that one cannot master, which are exhausting both physically and mentally. Some of the breakdown is broken and happens slowly bit by bit. On the surface, it looks complete, but in the heart, despair has already been piled up.”Pain is like a spring, you strong it weak, you weak it strong.If you try to back down, pain is a monster on your tail.If you confront the monster, it will walk away in disgrace.””You have the freedom to be sad, angry, or regretful. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your emotions. It’s healthier physically and mentally.”This is said by Kate Allen, a former sufferer of depression.Miss Koala’s Healing Class is the third book I’ve read by Kate Allen.She struggled with depression as a child, but after reading a comic book about mental illness by artist Ruby Elliott, It inspired Kate Allen to feel she was not alone.Kate Allen cured herself by calming her heart with her paintings. Each of the heart-warming paintings in the book has his own understanding of life. Kate Allen learned to look straight at her heart, accept herself and understand the world.Miss Koala’s Healing Class is a personal stress relief and healing psychology picture book with pages that allow you to doodle and record your mood to help you channel your bad mood and find the hidden strength in your heart.Before entering the book, the author stresses one rule in particular: You can scribble or write and allow your mind to wander freely, but you must be honest with yourself and not lie about the questions you are asked.You are the most “special self”. “To know yourself” is the goal that Socrates strives for all his life, to know the inner world that he cannot see.Explore your potential qualities.Only when you really know yourself can you live a comfortable and wonderful life.There is a “difference” between people that has nothing to do with merit or inferiority. Among all living beings, the one “difference” you need to know the most is “yourself”.This is what we call “self-knowledge”.In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said, “He who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.”Self-cognition is an extremely important emotional ability.Most of us live in the social norms and are forced by the society to make changes to conform to the expectations of the society. Therefore, everyone sacrifices a lot in the process of socialization, makes great efforts and constantly represses himself.”Who are you?Your perceptions not only shape who you are, they also define your own values.It is impossible for any of us to be positive all the time, so it is important to “accept yourself” for what is not good, and allow yourself to explore the dark side of your heart through the questions in the author’s therapy class.”We need to be at peace with every aspect of ourselves,” says Kate Allen.Challenging and negative self-talk, letting go of your limitations, accepting that you are just a part of life, that you love yourself and enjoy the things you love in life, and making room in your heart for those things and people will lead to positive change.After all, everyone has their own unique, do not compare with others, also do not need to envy others, your unique, is absolutely valuable, change their mentality the more difficult the situation, the more should come up with some happy thinking, whether business or daily life, as long as the heart, can overcome difficulties.– Yitaro Matsuura Emotions are the collective name for a set of subjective cognitive experiences, including our ideas, experiences, consciousness, spirit, feelings, desires, or beliefs.These become the way we interact with the world and affect our emotions and behavior.If the emotion is helpful, embrace it and face it.If emotions aren’t helping you, find ways to manage your emotions.Especially anxiety, depression, depression, self-denial, hopelessness…Such as bad mood must express healing.We often hear about “adult breakdowns.” Sometimes we see emotional outbursts, often in small, insignificant ways, but these breakdowns happen in small, slow bursts.Others do not see this process, they think that when you cry the moment is broken, “it” brewing inside all the time at that moment, is the formation of “the last straw to crush you”.Therefore, in the life of overload pressure, we must learn to deal with and channel our bad mood, which is a very important subject in life.Who can live without some grievance?Life will not let go of any adult, either the great pain of the blow, or the tiny despair of life, illness and death, trivial, in the end is to rely on yourself, even if it will eventually pass, can not break you.So the real lesson is to live “your own special life.” Kate Allen believes that it is important to find joy wherever and whenever you can, even in life’s small victories, small blessings, to encourage yourself: “You did a great job today!”Do not worry about “I don’t have the ability” with yourself as you do with others, because no matter who you are, you must have the ability to give something to others.You just have to figure out what that ability is.”Coping, reconciting, accepting, dealing with, letting go” is a process that helps us deal with our emotions. Kate Allen gives us a “positive quote” to repeat every day to boost and motivate ourselves.”You are not a burden to your loved ones.You care too much about what other people think.You don’t have to solve all your problems at once. Every step forward is progress.Things are never as bad as they seem.Any progress is progress and deserves to be celebrated.Be kind to yourself today.Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re always trying to be the best you can be.”Often give you the most negative energy, not others, but their own.If you stand up for yourself, you can think positively, look forward to the future, and guide your hope. This is what psychology calls “self-prophecy come true.””Self-prophecy comes true”, which uses brain science and positive psychology to change the negative thinking in the human brain, and can build an inner strength that can not be defeated by any adversity.Be kind to yourself, be kind to yourself, because we often forget to cherish their wounds;We often downplay our hurt feelings and even rub salt in our wounds with negative words.This is what Kate Allen suggests: Ditch the “shoulds”..Because it’s easy to fall into the trap of mental self-abuse with “how should you be?” instead of “don’t be so hard on yourself” and trying to command yourself to be what others expect you to be when you are not who you really are.Being kind to yourself makes a person more resilient, more able to bounce back, reduces self-criticism and self-doubt, increases self-worth, and you’ll find out later that you’re stronger than you think.Impossible things do not give up to continue to do, can eventually become believe in their own strength.- PuMi aso as long as have a interesting day, people have been serious life power, the koala miss the mental healing class to belong to your own mental healing hand account, you can explore on your own inner thoughts and feelings, through the review of introspection, found that the irrational thinking, safely vent pent-up emotions, help you to face the bad mood.Negative emotions don’t have to be garbage. Adults don’t limit themselves to emotional turmoil, nor do they collapse. If you can treat it as a valuable experience and stare at it repeatedly in calm, it will become adult wisdom.