Ajiao ex-husband Lai Hongguo explosion is about to get married for the third time?Girlfriend sun proposal ring sweet shout: I would like to

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There is a medical wang Yangming Taiwan doctor Lai Hongguo, with handsome and straight appearance popular, especially when he was madly in love with “China Airlines Ariel Lin” name of the stewardess Zhao Xiaowei (Ivy) and together in the small S, Tsai Kangyong program “Kangxi came” big show love, handsome female beauty combination let two people quickly exploded on the network.However, it is surprising that Lai Hongguo and Zhao Xiaowei divorced after only six months of marriage in 2016, leaving the outside world in a fog.China Airlines Lin Yichen, who was married only six months ago, broke up in 2016 after being divorced for one and a half years.Zhao Xiao here last year on Mrs Science YouTube channel, is revealed for the first time she was the impact of the short-lived marriage, Zhao Xiao Veda said: when I 29 years old, no early warning was the man offered to divorce, then it hard to bear, because today suddenly it came in, I am the person who must accept, it all messed up.Zhao Xiaowei revealed that the divorce was so sudden that she fell into a dark period. She did not dare to go out and socialize with others for half a year.The second marriage ajiao in discord, Lai Hongguo v. she does not love me ah!After bidding farewell to the first marriage 2 years, Lai Hongguo in 2018 again scenery and Hong Kong star Zhong Xintong (Gjiao) married, did not expect the second marriage also only maintain 14 months to draw the end, sensation in the entertainment circle.Lai Hongguo at that time also accepted media interview bluntly is the woman to break up: she does not love me!More revealing: marry her to want to go bankrupt!I once told her my card can be used by you, but she really is. She didn’t tell you any more!When he saw the payment message, he took ten breaths again!Lai Hongguo also told his depression depression due to marriage, can not eat and can not sleep, the whole person lost 12 kilograms.Lai Hongguo new love exposure and marriage head?Lai hongguo, 32, now has a new girlfriend after divorcing Gillian in March 2019.He took his girlfriend back to have dinner with his family on IG. In the picture below, we can see that Lai Hongguo deliberately cut off the long-haired woman on the far left, in order to protect the privacy of his new girlfriend.However, the identity of Lai’s new love interest has been revealed. Her name is Alice, who is a former emirates flight attendant and now works as an OL for the airline.Girlfriend sweet sun wedding ring, Lai Hongguo is about to get married for the third time?Alice’s birthday falls on The first day of the Lunar New Year this year, so Lai hongguo took advantage of the occasion to propose with his Catier diamond ring. Alice also posted the red happiness box on IG, with a sweet message: wowwww!Yes I do, I never thought I would be moving towards a happy family life.30 is amazing. Wow.It has led to speculation that Lai hongguo is on the verge of a third marriage.Lai hongguo did not confirm the message that the proposal was successful, but simply replied: “I have a stable partner at present. Happy New Year to you all!”Let a person for this medical wang Yangming is about to send good news wonder.But recently, lai Hongguo, 176 cm tall, has been active in fitness. He has developed a muscular body and then basked in handsome photos, which seems to symbolize that he has completely walked out of the haze of his previous marriage and is happy with his current girlfriend.