Spring Festival sympathy to send care, love warm family planning special family

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“I remember the name of benefiting and helping people, but I have no action to say that I am grateful.External assistance of the suspension team, sympathy and care like my relatives.”Family planning special family aunt Zhou specially wrote a poem entitled “seven unique. Thanksgiving five hospitals” to the hands of Zhou Xiaogang, president of the fifth People’s Hospital in Yibin City.”The winter is cold, but it is warm and sincere,” she said. “I am grateful to the Party and the government, as well as the Five hospitals for their care and care for the families who lost their only child.”Recently, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Yibin city launched a family planning special family consolation activities, so that they are no longer lonely in the festival, feel the warmth of the social family.During the activity, the hospital talked with them, learned about their living conditions in detail, listened to their aspirations and needs, and sent sincere greetings and wishes to them, urging them to do a good job in personal protection during the Spring Festival, face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, and have a peaceful and happy year.The hospital also introduced the recent development of the hospital as well as new technologies and projects such as dental implant and arthroscopy, so that people in Nanxi can enjoy high-quality medical services at home.Special family support and care is an important issue concerning the vital interests of special groups and social harmony and stability.Yibin No. 5 People’s Hospital has always attached great importance to the work of helping families with special family planning, timely understanding the needs and thoughts of families with special needs, helping them with heart, and doing its best to make families with special family planning feel the care of the Party and the government, helping them out of difficulties and welcoming a new life.