Kangdu street Kangdu community to carry out special industry special inspection to build a solid line of safety production

2022-05-01 0 By

On February 15, Kangdu community of Kangdu Street carried out a safety inspection of special industry operation of welding shops under its district, aiming to eliminate hidden dangers of special industry operation and create a stable and harmonious production environment.Before carrying out the inspection work, the staff of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau has trained the person in charge of safety production and the safety production officer of the community. Through the training, the community cadres have mastered the standard operation process of the work and special equipment involved in the inspection of special industries in the community.And know that in the implementation of safety production inspection, special industry types of work to carry out the operation of enterprises, shops need to do “three implementation, two certificate, one inspection, one plan”.From the subsequent site inspection, the area of special welding shop management system, operating procedures, operating personnel holding certificates and other overall situation is good.Examination, personnel requirements fully realize the special industry, head of the type of work shop operation of the gravity of the security supervision and complexity, to strengthen security risk, strengthen the security responsibility, strengthen the special industry for authorized operation daily examination and registration, the holder, etc., improve the regulations of the special industry work safety management operation,Strictly carry out the special industry operation certificate, fully implement safety emergency measures, completely eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, solve the outstanding problems and weak links in the safety management of special industry operation, effectively prevent the occurrence of various special industry operation accidents.(Correspondent Ma Huiping)